A new OC goes by the name Josh. Josh is known to be half shark and that can be able to swim underwater for a long brief of time. Josh's main power is his hydrokinesis which is that he can be able to send tidal waves, whirpools and the others involving water. Josh has been seeing the Dick Figures gang have been doing a lot of stuff and wants to join in.

Life of the Shark

Born in the lost city of Altantis, Josh has been reading and studying the ways of humans. He have been living with a tribe of sharks and lived as a sea animal. Josh was bit of a rebel since he has been pulling pranks on Altantis and have always get himself in trouble. He had a unique interest of swimming fast than other fish in the lost city, no one would see he's even there. He've always visited memorials of other fish people who have died. He went to learn how to control water, which he can he can be able to create whirlpools, tidal waves, and waterspouts. Little did he know that he sees a world of stick figures filled with sorcerers, prostitutes, demons, agents, psychopaths, ninjas and englishmen. Josh went go to the world of stick figures, but he hid is shark fin to make sure that no one would see him as a freak.


  • Hydrokinetic Combat.
  • Offensive Swordsmanship
  • Expert Swimming.
  • Water Dash.
  • Water Cutting.


  • Hydrokinesis.
  • Unlimited Oxygen.
  • Sharp Teeth.
  • Speed Swimming.
  • Walking Walking.
  • Shark Communication.


  • Half shark
  • Born in Atlantis.
  • Has incredible sharp teeth.
  • Hides his fin and gills, so he won't be stared in public.
  • Spunky.
  • Can breath underwater for a long period of time.
  • Good at swimming.
  • Like Micaillas, skills are based of Offense.
  • Hydrokinetic.
  • Respectful.
  • Likes the movie "Jaws".
  • Persistent.
  • Self sacrificing.
  • Knows Atlantis.
  • Friendly.
  • Thinks of himself hardcore.


Sonic For Hire - Earthworm Jim01:45

Sonic For Hire - Earthworm Jim


Voice of Earthworm Jim for Sonic for Hire.

Theme Music

Josh's Theme

Destiny Islands - Kingdom Hearts HD 110:12

Destiny Islands - Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 ReMIX - Soundtrack EXTENDED

Battle Theme

Adabat - Jungle Joyride Day - Sonic Unleashed Music Extended30:00

Adabat - Jungle Joyride Day - Sonic Unleashed Music Extended



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