Judge Dreaded Wolf
Air date TBD
Written by Alpha-Lonewolf
Directed by Alpha-Lonewolf
Location Mafia Building
Other episodes by the author

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Wolf gets taken in by Chad Cop and is given the chance to clear his record to go in and pass judgement on a Russian mafia inside a fortified building. Wolf is given a new weapon to use as he sees fit on the mafia


(Wolf is brought into a room with Chad cop sitting at a table)

Chad Cop: Glad you could make it in Wolf.

Wolf: Free gun.

Chad Cop: What?

Wolf: Free gun is what I heard I could get. But the question is what kind of gun and is it good enough for me not to kill you over for nothing?

Chad Cop: Well we won't have to worry about that because it is the only one made.

Wolf: Why are you so willing to give me this?

Chad Cop: There is a Russian Mafia in that building. they have killed many people and cops. We need you to go in against over a hundred man inside heavily armed. The passages to the boss have all been blocked except one way that leads straight into groups of enemies to get to him. you will have to fight your way through to get to him.

Wolf: Can't I just break through the floors?

Chad Cop: That's the thing. the place is triggered to blow if damaged like that.

Wolf: Then why should i go in?

Chad Cop: Cuz one of your friends is in there already.

Wolf: What? who?

Chad Cop: Some pink girl went in thinking she could handle it but we lost contact with her five seconds after she went in.

Wolf: Pink. God damn it.

(Chad Cop brings out a case for Wolf and opens it with a bright light coming out making Wolf's pupils enlarge and shine from the sight)

Wolf: Son of a GUN!!!

Chad Cop: Wolf meet the A-MAP17


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