Enegry Reactor




Indestructibility, Blurring Speed


Lightning Speed, Arsenal of Weapons, Missles, Regeneration


Adamantium, Chi

Kamikaze GX is Spark's main vehicle. Spark found this vechile in an junkyard and was an ordinary one. Spark went to the garage and did some engineering and repairs. Spark then made some arranges and made this ridable and can tranform for land, sea or air. Spark creates an energy reactor in a shape of a sphere and never burns out. Spark pulls out a stone in a form of a dragonball as he uses his chi and uses it as an accessory. Spark's uses weapons for battle such as 'Wasabi Blast' for lasers, 'Kamikaze Bomb' for grenades, and 'Tengu Beam' for engery beams. Kamikaze's ultimate attack is 'Dragon Cannon' where it can fires a large beam of massive energy to destroy anything. Spark had lot of use for this vehicle but use it for emergency, special occasion and just driving it for fun.

Kamikaze Facts

  • Spark's main vehicle.
  • Once a destroyed car in the junkyard.
  • Replenish any scratch or dent.
  • Has an arsenal of weapons.
  • Inspired by the cancelled show "Motorcity".
  • It's ultimate weapn is "Dragon Cannon".
  • It has an energy reactor has full power and never burns or runs out.
  • Used for emergencies.
  • Used for races.
  • It's accessory is a form is a glowing dragonball.
  • Can regeneration even it's completely destroyed.
  • It's primary weapons is "Wasabi Blast".
  • Used just for fun.
  • Can do donuts.
  • It's secondary weapons is "Kamikaze Bombs" and "Tengu Beam".
  • Can drive at the speed of light.
  • Has inifite horsepower.
  • Ridable on land, sea or air.
  • Made of adamantium and chi.

Theme of Kamikaze

Mega Man 6 Remix - Rising Sun Warrior03:40

Mega Man 6 Remix - Rising Sun Warrior

Motorcity - Motorcity Animation Preview-005:41

Motorcity - Motorcity Animation Preview-0


Sample of Kamikaze

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