Killers & Little Girls
You got Blooded by a Girl!
Air date 2-6-2013
Written by YoshiRocker13 and Fluffydragonpuppy
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 Rapper meets Emily with Blue. And it looks like Rapper could be one of those killers that may like her.



(begins with Rapper walking down the street with blood on his sword)

Rapper: Alright! Just 1,000 more kills and I'll be the best killer ever! Well as well as Wolf!

(shows Emily listening to One Erection on her iPod walking with Blue)

Emily: (singing) That's what makes you beautiful... (notices Rapper and takes one earphone out) Hey Blue, who's the orange guy?

Blue: Oh hey Rapper.

Rapper: Sup blue nerd and who is this little girl you talking to?

Blue: This is my friend Emily.

Emily: Rapper? Interesting name. Can I touch your sword Rapper?

Rapper: (pulls out sword with blood on it) Go ahead.

(she touches it and rubs some blood on Blue while laughing)

Blue: (disgusted) Emily! Gross!

Rapper: Ha! You just got blooded by a girl!

Emily: (takes earbuds out and gives iPod to Blue) So you're trying to be a better killer than Wolf?

Rapper: (rolls eyes) No! I'm just saying soon we'll have the same skill of killing! Besides No one can kill better than Wolf.

Emily: Wolf is mean sometimes.

Rapper: (sighs) Tell me about it.

Emily: Hey Rapper, do you think I'm cute?

Rapper: (rubs Emily's head) Cutest and coolest little girl I ever met.

(Emily makes puppy eyes at him)

Rapper: Or maybe too cute.

Blue: But sometimes she can be a bit annoying.

Emily: Shut up Blue!

Broseph: (walks in) Sup bros?

Emily: Broseph!! Hey sweetie-pie. (snuggles against him and kisses him)

Broseph: (hugs Emily) Hey there bacon.

Rapper: Bacon?

Blue: That means he likes her.

Emily: Aww, he called me "bacon!" (squeals and faints)

Rapper: Uhh Emily?

(Emily wakes up and gets up)

Emily: I bet he called me bacon because I'm smoking hot.

Rapper: I can't believe she's in love with this douchebag.

Blue: She's not the ONLY one.

Emily: Oh Blue, please don't bring up Wednes-gay. I'll throw up.

Blue: Alright alright! Well I gotta head home. Red's probably going to freak out if I don't show up to play Flame War. (walks off)

Rapper: Later blue nerd!

Emily: Bye Rapper! (follows Blue)

Rapper: Later Emily! And now that she's gone! (shoots Broseph in the head) I can do that!

-Episode Ends-

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