Kim Kendall
"You should all shut the fuck up. Forever."






Allen (Cousin), Hope




Blue-ish purple


Comic store


Slightly above average, but not genius


Slightly short



Kim is a dark purple figure with glasses. She has a typicly bad attitude, and will be harsh with people. But she is fair, honest and will always do what right in the end. Even though she's pretty mean when you first meat her, when you get to know her, she is a genuinely good person and does have a good heart. And she's not always mad, though when she is you might not want to talk to her unless you want to be cursed out, and when she's in a good mood, she's actually a pretty enjoyable person. She also really wants things to be clean, as in, if she sees a huge mess she would panic, she tends to be a little OCD


When Kim was a kid, she didn't have all that many friends, so she doesn't really know hot to treat people. She grew up with her mom in the city and typicly visited her cousin, Allen. Who she would pick on, but still cares about. Along that line she met Hope and they got along pretty well, mostly because they can both be pretty brutal. She got into comic books when she was 9, because they gave her a seance of adventure she knew she couldn't have. She would always read them and get kinda picked on as a little kid, witch is who she's so brutal now, she doesn't want it to happen again and won't trust anyone she doesn't really know. She is pretty strong and can fight pretty good, side effect of the violence she read as a kid, though she's not all THAT strong, she is pretty harsh and brutal when fighting as well. 


Voice of Izamo Kamiki from Ao No (Blue) Exorcist (Girl with the purple hair) 

Funny Blue Exorcist Scene English Dubbed00:26

Funny Blue Exorcist Scene English Dubbed

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