A New OC and a Ancient Knight of Ancient Order long gone. He is the last of his kind and the most powerful one at his time. He encased himself in a tomb until it was opened by explorers. His Order was a religion that it's gods graced them with the powers that he wielded. Only through the gods of that order were those powers given to worthy men and women. Now he seeks challenges and jobs to put his sword and skills to good use.


Back in his days, his order and knights were on the brink of collapse as the kingdom in that time was about to end. As he was the strongest and powerful knight, he was chosen and graced by the gods with eternal life so a piece of the Order would survive. He had them place him in a coffin of silver and buried deep under an old cemetery. He remained there for countless years until some explorers found ancient tunnels leading underneath the cemetery and soon found his coffin and released him from his sleep. Now awaken he seeks to find worthy challenges from opponents and take jobs to help others. He is able to summon a pet flying hydra from his sword to travel and fight with. His powers of the sword are long ranged and mystic with added effects to each strike. His other Mystic blade skills allow him to cause Status attacks to strike others with.


  • Swordsmanship
  • Summons a Hydra


Power Strikes

  • Split Punch - Element: Holy - Effect: Stop - targets 1
  • Crush Punch - Element: Holy - Effect: Death - targets 1
  • Lightning Stab - Element: Holy, Lightning - Effect: Silence - targets a group
  • Holy Explosion - Element: Holy - Effect: Confuion - targets a line
  • Shellbust Stab - Breaks Armor - targets 1
  • Blastar Punch - Breaks Head gear - targets 1
  • Hellcry Punch - Breaks Weaponry - targets 1
  • Icewolf Bite - Breaks Accessories - targets 1
  • Dark Sword - Drains magic to the user - targets 1
  • Night Sword - Drains life to the user - targets 1

Status Strikes

  • Blind - darkens one's sight
  • Zombie - Transforms others into zombies
  • Silence - Mutes a person
  • Berserk - Enrages a person
  • Chicken - Removes courage
  • Confuse - Makes one dillusional
  • Despair - Removes ones magic effects
  • Don't Act - Disables a person
  • Sleep - Puts one to sleep
  • Break - Turns one to stone
  • Shock! - Gives as much damage taken by another


Knight of the Order



  • Voice of God (but it dosen't mean he is God)
Moses meets god-004:20

Moses meets god-0



  • Main Theme
Final Fantasy Tactics OST - Thunder God Cid01:52

Final Fantasy Tactics OST - Thunder God Cid

  • Fight Theme
Final Fantasy Tactics OST - Back Fire03:02

Final Fantasy Tactics OST - Back Fire


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