Full name

Kordell Orion, Mead


Computers, games, Anime, Japanese Music (Mostly Voacaloid but some non Vocaloid music).


About the only defining feature of this kid is his humour, that and he has the patience of a saint with annoying people.

Favorite Foods

Garlic Bread and Steak


People who ask alot of questions, your mom jokes, cats.


Bee's, Needles

Favorite Game

Grand Faft V ONLINE

Favorite Anime

Sword Art Online


Kordell is an mostly average teenager, he is a dark flame orange wearing a light gray zip up hoodie with a skull and vines design on the back along with corduroy shorts.

While not strong at all he enjoys wrestling friends though most of the time he gets hurt and he's decently tall.


Kordell is a teenager that prefers most things that don't require a lot of effort. He is kind of fucked up in his life choices and doesn't trust himself with decisions most of the time.

He also spends alot of time on the internet doing activities like roleplaying and playing games when he can. He's also hard to make give up he has a minor fear of pain.

A Slight History

He grew up in multiple houses with 3 other siblings. He never tried in school and didn't like it and scrapes by in high school. He never liked sports and preferred technology. He always liked fire and burnt things when he was bored, he never got a girlfriend didn't have alot of friends but he never let that bother him.


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