Kumi is a fictional character from the series Dick Figures. She is known to be Spark's rival and will kill him when he stands in her way. She has own personality and will cause destruction where ever she wants to transform anything just to do so.

Life of the Majin

Born as a majin, Kumi caused destruction to every single planet and perhaps destroyed every single galaxy. No one in other planets standed a chance against her. After her destruction of other planets, she goes to Earth in Tokyo, Japan. She spended her time there and later became an otaku for quite some time, beginning to know a a lot more of Dragon Ball Z. She developed her own personality of being playful, sadistic and do to what wants. She can turns people into sweets whenever she wants also. She then came to America to sees a lot of villains and masterminds, but she ingores them. When she was causing destrcution in Ohio, Spark quickly stops her as they both fight it out, Kumi sees him as an annoyance but then formed a rivalry. Kumi will kill Spark at any costs whenever she hets in her way. Besides turning into anything she uses her tentacle for vaporize people instead until there is not even ash left.


  • Enhanced Combat.
  • Berserker Physiology.
  • Energy Attacks.
  • Limp Expansion.
  • Combination Attacks
  • Elastic Combat.


  • Supersonic Flight.
  • Elasticy.
  • Absorbtion.
  • Instant Transmission.
  • Power Detection.
  • Curse Immunity.
  • Temporary Invicibility.
  • Vacuum Adaption.
  • Chocolate Beam.
  • Magic Immunity.
  • Instant Learning.
  • Transmutation.
  • Elemental Immunity.


  • Has extensive fighting skills with no training at all.
  • Can turn people into sweets
  • Wages war destruction on every country.
  • She is one of Spark's two rivals. (the other being Magnos)
  • Strongest Majin in existence so far.
  • Lone Wolf.
  • Like Spark, Kumi is also an otaku.
  • Cold-Hearted.
  • Assailant.
  • Brutal.
  • Immune to any kind of magic.
  • Wil kill anyone who gets in her way of fighting Spark, similar to Jackal.
  • Cruel.
  • Sweet Tooth.
  • Uses her tentacle to turn any object into anything else.


18 — Larxene the Ruthless - KH HD 103:28

18 — Larxene the Ruthless - KH HD 1.5 ReMIX, Re CoM - All Cutscenes-0

Voice of Larxene from Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memoiries

Japanese Voice:

Theme Music

Kumi's Theme

At Dawn We Rage - The Fall03:22

At Dawn We Rage - The Fall

Battle Theme

DnB - Feint - Fury Monstercat Release03:55

DnB - Feint - Fury Monstercat Release


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