Lady Tourettes is a fictional character in Dick Figures. She came from the Shit Piss Fart Woods and is the girlfriend of Lord Tourettes. She is set to appear in my Season 4 Premiere called Tourettes Love. Lady Tourettes also has the Tourettes Syndrome that Lord Tourettes has called coprolalia in which when she swears her entire body will spazz out and swear really loudly. However when spazzing her eyes instead turn purple instead of red. But she actually doesn't mind if she loses her hat unlike Lord Tourettes.

Early Life

Back in primary school, she was one of the strange kids at school. All of the other kids made fun of her and picked on her. But back then Lord Tourettes was actually at the same school as she was. Whenever Lord Tourettes sees Lady Tourettes getting bullied or picked on he always puts up a fight and scare the bullies off. This day marked the day the two became friends.


Lord Tourettes

Lord Tourettes was Lady Tourettes' childhood friend because he would always scare off the kids who bullied Lady Tourettes and the day marked when the two became friends. However, when the two left school they didn't go to the same high school which left the two very heartbroken. Lord Tourettes finally reunited with her in the future and the two decided to be a couple.


Lady Tourettes Swearing

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