Lesbian's Night Out
Air date  ???
Written by Shanell0420
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Lesbian's Night Out is the first episode created by Shanell0420.


Amethyst and Cherli go to a local bar named Beershatzy where Red and Blue lives. They went to see all of the lesbian girls. Everyone thinks the Beershatzy has a "Girl's Night Out".


(Cut to a local bar, Beershatzy has two girls standing next to Pink)

Amethyst: "Hi, Pink. My name is Amethyst. I'm a purple stick figure." (shakes hands with Pink)

Pink: "Hello, I'm Pink."

Amethyst: "Have you met Cherli?"

Pink: "Yes, she loves to hang out with me!"

Cherli: (comes in) "S'up, girl?"

Amethyst: "Hi, Cherli. Do you love to play sports with Red and Blue?"

Cherli: "Yes." (Red and Blue comes in)

Red: "Hey, you're awesome!" (points at Amethyst)

Amethyst: "Cool, you're awesomer!" (points at Red)

Blue: "You're the awesomest!" (points at both Amethyst and Red)

Pink: "Amethyst, you're the best. Wanna hang out at Beershatzy? They have a bathroom, a lounge room and an arcade room." (points to the rooms)

Red: "Okay, I get it! Let's kick some more butts in the Lesbian party!" (floats to the boys' bathroom)

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