The Darkside is Strong in me.
Vital statistics
Title Villain
Gender Female
Nickname(s) Sith Lord
Status Alive
Friends none
Enemies Vio and Wolf
Job Sith Fan
Sexual Orientation Hetero
Affilations Sith Order
Age 17
Nationality American
Known for Using the Darkside
Weapon of choice Lightsaber
favorite game Star Wars Games
Color Grey
Hair Color Grey
Eye Color Yellow
IQ Nerd
Height Average
Weight Average
Girlfriend(s) none
Boyfriend(s) none
Appearances {{{appearances}}}
Gamertag DARKlets1d3
Religion The Dark Side
Likes getting power
Times dead 1

Just like Vio but leaning towards the darkside. She is Vio's rival as a sith and a fan to show she knows more about Star Wars than Vio. Let is always on the hunt for Vio and will most likely attack her when she is at her weakest. Let will use Star Wars lines just like Vio and has the same problem of using the darkside of the force at random. Let has given herself the eyes of a sith by purchasing contact lens to change the color of her eyes.

Life of the Dark Nerd

Let has also grown up with Star Wars and lives by the Sith Order. This has caused her to be expelled from many schools for cheating, fighting, and managing to overthrow the teachers and principles from their positions. She idolizes The Emperor from Star Wars as her role model.


Two red lightsabers, one is a normal blade and the other is a whip. 


  • Force jump
  • Force speed
  • Force dash
  • Force senses
  • Force future reader


  • Force push
  • Force pull
  • Force hold
  • Force grab
  • Force blast
  • Force torrent (Vio and Let only)
  • Force choke (sith only)
  • Force lightning (sith only)
  • Force mind control
  • Force levitate
  • Force stun
  • Force freeze
  • Force illusion
  • Foresight
  • Force revival (Only Let knows)


She follows the order of the sith and finds work that deals with killing, stealing, kidnapping, and other dark deeds. Her skill of a lghtsaber whip makes her deadlier than any sith known.

Karikacsapás 2 (awesome bullwhip cracking)10:11

Karikacsapás 2 (awesome bullwhip cracking)



  • Thinks herself as a sith lord.
  • Strongest in the Darkside
  • Is a big fan nerd of start wars
  • Killed her own parents and anyone family related when she turned
  • Has a relationship with Damon
  • Uses multiple force powers in one strike.
  • Like Vio, she is the only one who can black a lightsaber with her hand.
  • Carries a Lightsaber whip and blade.
  • Like Vio, She uses  quotes from star wars.
  • Uses seduction to make others do what she wants.
  • Sadistic
  • Cold
  • Has the highest knowlegde of the darkside of the force due to her nerd kowledge

Let's Voice

Jedi Academy Jaden vs Alora04:56

Jedi Academy Jaden vs Alora

(1:54 Alora's voice)

Theme Music

Star Wars Sith Theme extended and scarier01:28

Star Wars Sith Theme extended and scarier


Let's Theme

Battle of the Heroes - stronger chorus04:15

Battle of the Heroes - stronger chorus


Battle Theme



  • 1/5 Unicorn Barf!
  • 2/5 It was like Meh.
  • 3/5 I guess it was... pretty good.
  • 4/5 This is like crazy right?

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