Lighter is one of the Gods, but is the Gods of Storm, Wind, Lightening and all of the wind type. Since Jack play the guitar, Mike play the trumpet and Rap play the drum, Lighter play the DJ turntables. He love to do remix to music, sounds, and what's around him. He always said this 'The Earth is my music, not my love.' Meaning that what he hear is beat, but that doesn't mean he have to love the Earth.

Lighter also love to dance with lightening and live to cause storm since now the Gods and Goddesses have change because of the people hurt words and all. Lighter also did something like that, but it was a joke. Lighter is like Rap, but they different since Rap also play the drum and Lighter play the turntables. The Lightening turntable (That's what he cause his own one) is a powerful machine that make the storm come in, let out shock, and loud music.

He also have brother name Jack, Mike, and Rap. He also have sister name Brittany, Miley, Rapie, and Lightening. Lighter mostly love Lightening because how she try to be funny, unlike Heather. Lighter also love to go crazy and annoy people except for his brother and sister. The reason why is because it's boring to him....what? Like Rap, he also wonder why is his parent are dead when they are Lord of Everything.

Well, he not going to find out because he's lazy. He also have his star at the star like Jack in his story. It's him with a little lightening bolt on his paw. Remember that I said that the Gods live in the star? Well, not really for Lighter. He is light like the rest and now they have change, they don't know when to go back. But like the rest, they're cool.


  • They love his brother and Sister. To Jack, he think that Jack is dumb because he see Jack run round with no reason there and there. To Mike, yea, he saw the new look on him and he think that's awesome. Because doesn't think about him about. To Rap, they do prank be there's time they don't talk about they have other place to go. To his sister, he think they are bitch and all. His doesn't know why they don't talk. They have rude things about the world and say that it's helpless.


Collaboration of Lighter Star