Lightshow Season Two Trailer
Lightshow Season 2
Air date 3-9-14
Written by AndrewBrauer
Directed by AndrewBrauer
Other episodes by the author


Season Two Premiere (April 27th)

 The first official trailer for Season Two of Lightshow, premieres April 27th


(Opens with Simon making out with a woman on his desk it turns out to be Sarah Connors)

Sarah Connors: Okay Hot pants I really have to go.

Simon: Why?

Sarah Connors: Because I have a life to go to.

Simon: Yeah but why?

(From Writer/Director AndrewBrauer as the chorus to the song Infinity Guitars plays)

(Molly looks at a paper titled "This is Anarchy", she reads on until she reads aloud a certain line)

Molly: (Reads aloud) P.S I may love Simon! Alice seriously what the fuck?

Alice: I don't know, ever since he decided to hook up with that bitch who may also be Chad Cop in disguise.

(Then it Shows Sarah Connors transforming into Chad Cop)

Molly: Okay you know what, you need to get some sleep.

Alice: (Grabs the papers on her desk) Wait, I have a whole book.

Molly: You wrote a book about your love for Simon?

(Then Shows Alice kissing Simon)

(Cuts to Molly and Alice's apartment and the door knocks)

Molly: And look who's there, how do my breasts look?

(Molly shows Alice her breasts)

Alice: Serviceable.

Molly: That'll do.

(Cuts to Molly letting Veronica in)

Veronica: So I'm guessing this is you're first time with a woman.

Molly: (Slowly) Yeah.

Veronica: You know how to make an impression on me you sexy bitch.

(The Acclaimed Series returns, then the opening to Dancing On My Own plays)

Simon: Thomas, have you ever seen two women have sex?

Thomas: No, what's it like?

Simon: Okay, imagine my two fists are vagina's.

(Simon bumps two of his fists together a couple times, after bumping the fists, Thomas has a thinking expression on his face, and then realizes what he's talking about five seconds later)

Thomas: Oh, so that's what Lesbian sex is like.

Simon: Yeah, Lesbians have all the luck.

(Cuts to Molly in bed)

Molly: Oh la la, you done this beFOR…….

(Molly screams from an orgasm)

(Cuts to Ball Busters)

(Alice then walks into the bathroom, as Molly then approaches Thomas)

Molly: She found out that Emma has a boyfriend.

Thomas: Really?

Molly: Yeah, strangely enough it's Chad, the cop

Thomas: A cop, really?

Molly: Yeah I guess if she dates a cop, she may be able to get away with some crime.

(Cuts to Emma meeting up with Chad Cop outside of Ball Busters)

Emma: Hell-o officer, do I have the right to remain silent?

Chad Cop: No ma'am you certainly don't.

(Cuts to Thomas and Michael drinking a beer at the bar)

Thomas: How long have you been single?

Michael: I have no idea.

(Cuts to Simon on the phone)

Simon: (On the phone) Wait a minute, you write?

Alice: (On the other line) Yeah, I went to College to become an author, but instead I ended up working for you.

(Cuts to Alice with a police officer on the street)

Police Officer: (Looks at Alice's dress for a few seconds) Ma'am do you know that you're on the most wanted list.

Alice: (Confused) What!?

Police Officer: We're gonna have to bring you into the station for questioning.

(Cuts to Simon going into Alice's bedroom with Alice in her bed)

Simon: Hey.

Alice: Hey.



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