Long Lost Idiot
Long Lost Idiot
Your- It's- my.... Sister?
Air date 12-16-13
Written by Alpha-LoneWolf and YoshiRocker13
Directed by Alpha-LoneWolf
Location Lab
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Professor Stick is about to make the greatest discovery of his life... his long lost sister.


(Professor Stick was in his lab working on an invention)

Professor Stick: I think I have it! YES! I do!

(There was a pounding at the door)

Professor Stick: (opens door) Yes?

(no one was there. Professor Stick raises an eyebrow in confusion. He closes the door to hear another banging at the door)

Professor Stick: (opens) Hello?

Fifi: (appears in front of Professor Stick hanging upside-down and screams at the top of her lungs) HI STICKY!!!

Professor Stick: (coughs) Good grief! was that really ne- (looks up at Fifi and suddenly has a flashback when he was a kid)

Professor Stick: Yes! I finally made my first invention!

Fifi: (grabs the new invention) Oooh! what does this button do?

Professor Stick: No! Don't press that button!

Fifi: (presses the button and make the house explode in smoke) Wow! Do it again!

(flashback ends)

Professor Stick: Your- It's- my.... Sister?

Fifi: (touches the middle of Professor Stick's face) Tag! now it's you turn to be it in hide and seek.

Professor Stick: (face palms) And she still remains an idiot.

Fifi: And you're a pony.

Professor Stick: Well I'm good to see we're- GET AWAY FROM THAT MACHINE!!!

Fifi: Ooh! pretty button!

(both are zapped by a purple laser, both recover)

"Fifi": Great! Now my brain is in YOUR head!

"Professor Stick": I'm a lab rat! YAY!

("Fifi" presses the button and they both return to their normal bodies)

Professor Stick: Can't you do ANYTHING right!?

Fifi: I can breathe for five seconds.

Professor Stick: (face palms and sighs) You really need a smart potion.

Fifi: (Talks with her tongue sticking out) did you know i can count to ten with my tongue sticking out?

Professor Stick: Well at least things can't possibly get any worse.

(Fifi starts spitting over his chemical table as she talks)

Professor Stick: NOO!!!

Fifi: (Looks sees the potions start to bubble) SODA POP! (Starts drinking them all at once)

Professor Stick: YOU CAN'T DRINK THOSE ALL AT ONCE!!! The potions mixing together could make you explode!

(Fifi burps a super laser out her mouth and shoots a giant hole through his lab wall)

Professor Stick: AUGH!!! (looks around and sees a blue potion) Um Fifi, I got another drink for you. (smiles)

Fifi: Gesundheit!

Professor Stick: (pours it on her head) That'll do it. Hopefully this will make you much smarter.

(Fifi stares wide eyed and her head starts to expand)

Professor Stick: Oh dear, Fifi, are you alright?

(Her head suddenly goes back to normal and opens her mouth to have a butterfly made from the potion fly out)

Professor Stick: (sighs) Looks like I have to stick with a dumb sister.

Fifi: (pupils grow huge and sparkles as she stares at a giant war robot) A robot toy!

Professor Stick: (slaps her hand) No touch. Got it?

Fifi: (Starts crying loud and shattering all the glass in the lab)

Professor Stick: No wait! I'm sorry! I'm sorry! You can play with the 'robot toy'!

Fifi: (instantly stops crying) I suddenly feel happy now. Jumps in the cockpit of the robots and here eyes widen at the sight of flashing buttons) Oooooh. What do these buttons do?

Professor Stick: Be careful! And don't start pushing random buttons!

Fifi: (starts pushing random buttons anyways) WHEEEEE!!!

Professor Stick: (dodges a few lasers and rockets) I just hope she doesn't go destroying the city.

(The robot breaks out of the lab and starts doing ballet dancing in the city while shooting lasers and missiles everywhere)

Fifi: I'm a bot-erina!

(Rapper and Wolf see the robot)

Rapper: (grins) You thinkin' what I'm thinkin'?

Wolf: Judging by the random dancing and shooting, I say that it's Fifi in there.

Rapper: Oh god.

Professor Stick: Come back with my robot!

Fifi: Hi Sticky! I can see your house from here!

Wolf: (comes to Professor Stick) What the hell is going on?

Professor Stick: My sister used my robot, she's an idiot!

(Rapper and Wolf are shocked)

Rapper: WHAT!?!?!

Wolf: That moron that has been haunting me all this time was your sister!?

Professor Stick: (sighs) Yes.

Wolf: How is she even related to you?

Professor Stick: Well-

(flashback begins)

Doctor: Well ma'am, you are now the proud mother of a new baby girl.

Professor Stick: I have a sister?

Professor Stick: (speaking over story) Fifi was a normal girl at first, and everything was perfect. But when she turned 1, she did something that changed her for life. When I was 16, I was still into inventions. I almost made a potion which would make people smarter, but it wasn't ready yet and Fifi came in and drink it after being curious. Then she turned into the dumbest person ever.

Wolf: Is it also the reason why no one can kill her?

Professor Stick: That happened another day, where she drank a potion where if she died, she would come back to life. I did it so I wouldn't lose her, but I made it BEFORE I made that other potion.

Wolf: I feel as if i should kill you now

Professor Stick: If it means not wanting to see Fifi, go ahead.

Fifi: Hi Wolfy!

Wolf: What the... who is driving the robot?

Professor Stick: Fifi...

  • Rapper: Uh, I just realised I need to go see Rei for a date, bye! (runs off)
  • Fifi: I saw a metal swing over the seat but it broke after i tried swinging on it
  • Wolf: What did it say on it?
  • Fifi: It said super fun happy swing,,, or something like auto-pilot.
  • (shows the robot smashing the city by itself)

(suddenly the robot shuts down)

Stacy: (jumps out the robot) I know how to shut these down.

Professor Stick: But I thought Stacy was an idiot.

Wolf: She works at Cybertime

Professor Stick: Oh... FIFIIII!!!

(kisses Professor's Stick's cheek and hugs him)

Fifi I wuv you big bwother!

Professor Stick: (sighs) I never should have made that potion.

Fifi: What does the big button do?

Wolf: The what?

Fifi: There was a big shiny button in the robot and i pushed it

Wolf: What did it say?

Fifi: it said, yummy ice cream world if you push me and wait for one minute.

Wolf: Hey nerd, did you have a big button in there that said anything like that?

Professor Stick: Yes, it's a nuclear self destruct button.

Wolf: oh shit... HIT THE DECK!!!

(everyone ducks and covers before the city explodes)

Professor Stick: I hate my sister.


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