Man Up Girl!
Man Up Girl!
"Uh... freeze?"
Air date 21-12-2013
Written by YoshiRocker13
Directed by YoshiRocker13
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After making Steve a bit more awesome, Rapper thinks it's time to do the same for Holly.



(Holly was in her living room watching TV and feeling bored)

Holly: (sighs) Where is he?

(Steve walks in with burn marks and scratches)

Holly: Oh my god! (runs to Steve and hugs him) What happened to you?

Steve: Well, let's say I had to 'man' up.

Holly: (suspicous) What?

Steve: Let's say I got into trouble when Rapper and Wolf were fighting robots.

Holly: (starting to get pissed off) What do you mean?

Steve: Well. Rapper said I had to man up so we went to this robot factory. Then Wolf showed up in his Cyborg Suit and gave Rapper one too. Then they started killing Robots and I got hurt pretty badly.

Holly: (outraged) AUGH!! Why do those two always do these things that will get others hurt!?

Steve: Because their fucking retards.

Holly: Try saying that to Wolf.

Steve: Everybody pretty much cusses at Wolf, he always gets it.

Holly: Well let's get you to bed! Your pretty hurt.

Steve: Okay.

(Holly puts Steve onto their bed. She puts a couple bandaids on him then kisses his forehead)

Holly: You'll be alright, trust me.

Steve: (weakly) Thanks Holly.

Holly: (smiles) Anything for you.

(Steve goes to sleep while Holly walks out the room. Suddenly Rapper crashes through the window)

Holly: STOP BREAKING MY WINDOWS! Use the fucking door!

Rapper: I'm a man, who fucking does?

Holly: GET OUT!

Rapper: Whoa, whoa, whoa babe. Chill.

Holly: BABE!? Hah! Try saying that to your girlfriend! NOW GET OUT!

Rapper: What got you in a pissy mood?

Holly: I am getting very sick of you and Wolf ALWAYS doing those crazy things that ALWAYS get someone hurt or KILLED! Why do you two do that anyway!?

Rapper: We have no life.


Rapper: Not til' I man you up.

Holly: Wh- What!?

(Rapper grabs Holly by the body as she screams, he jumps out the window)


Rapper: Oh shut your mouth bitch.


Rapper: Good, I always have people wanting to kill me.

Holly: GAAAAH!!!

(they land near a bank)

Holly: (angrily gets out of Rapper's arms) What's going on!? What are we doing?!?

Rapper: Prepare yourself girl, because your about to be as awesome as your boyfriend.

Holly: What do you mean!?

Rapper: Well that's the reason I took your boyfriend to a Robot Factory, to make him awesome.

Holly: And did it work?

Rapper: It did, but he got injured in the process.

Holly: Thanks to you!

Rapper: So I've decided to do the same to you.

Holly: And just HOW exactly!?

Rapper: See those robbers over there?

(shows a few robbers stealing bags of money from the bank)

Rapper: I need you to show them who's boss. Slice their heads off, shoot them or some other shit I don't know.

Holly: Eugh! No way!

Rapper: You want to be more manly then just do it!


Rapper: Just do it!

Holly: FINE!

(Holly storms to the robbers but becomes more scared when getting closer)

Robber: You! (points a gun at Holly) Give us all your money!

Holly: Err... (pulls a gun out) Don't M-make me use th-this.

(A robber sneaks behind Holly and takes her wallet)

Holly: HEY! That's mine!

Robber: Ours now bitch!

(they run off before Rapper slices their heads off)

Rapper: Jerks. (gives Holly her wallet)


Rapper: Hey, It was the only way to get your stinking wallet back. And why didn't you try SOMETHING ELSE to defend yourself!?


Rapper: Alright, alright. Maybe you could try something else.

Holly: Like what?

(Rapper pulls Holly to his house)

Rapper: How about a simulation?

Holly: I don't want to do ANY of this! I just want to go home!

Rapper: Sorry I locked the door with metal doors.


(Rapper turns a simulation on and fake robbers come out)

Holly: So what do you want me to do!?

Rapper: Just dodge their attacks and kick em' hit em' you get what I mean.

Holly: Fine!

(the simulation robbers approach Holly, she gives one a little punch before getting hit in the face)

Holly: OW! Why did that hurt!?

Rapper: The best way to toughen up! A guy like me can stand the pain!

Holly: When this is over I'm going to kill you...

Rapper: I heard that.

Holly: SHUT UP!

(Holly pulls her gun out and shoots one robber but they dodge the bullets)

Holly: Damn it!

(one robber whacks Holly accross the room)

Holly: (cries) Ow! This hurts so much!

Rapper: Wimp. I guess you weren't suppose to be tough after all.

(Holly hears this and immediatley gets angry, she pushes the robbers away)


Rapper: (laughs) Now she's getting it.

(Holly dodges many fake bullets and punches before upper striking a robber and throwing a thug into 3 more robbers. She looks behind at another robber and shoots him right in the face before kicking him in the nuts)

Rapper: (claps slowly) Well done Holly. You completed the simu-

(Holly shoots Rapper's arm)

Rapper: GAH!!!

Holly: That's for today! And there's PLENTY more where that came from!!

(a few gang members burst inside)

Gang Member #1: Find Rapper and kill him!

Holly: (screams) Not real robbers!

Rapper: Their street gang members.

Holly: I don't care!

Rapper: Go show them your skills! You just did a simulation!

Holly: Are you going to help me!?

Rapper: (immediatley sits on a chair with popcorn) Nah, I'll watch.

Holly: (glares) Fuck you.

(Holly grabs a sword from Rapper's collection)

Holly: Get out before I slice you!

(the gang members laugh)

Gang Member: What are YOU going to do!? Slap us!? (laughs) Wimp.

Holly: (grins) Watch your mouth punk.

(Holly strikes the gang members with her sword, she slices many in half, grabs a head off a gang member and chokes it down another's throat. She kicks one in the balls)

Gang Member: Gaah, my meatballs. (falls in pain)

Holly: This is what happens when you call me a wimp. (shoots his head)

Steve: (looks inside) Holly? What's going on here?

Holly: Oh Steve! Good to see your better!

Steve: Yeah, but what's with the dead bodies and you holding a sword?

Holly: I'll tell you when we get home, first I need to sort something out. (goes to Rapper)

Rapper: Nice job bitch.

Holly: Thanks, but just one more thing.

Rapper: ....What?

(Holly stabs him right in the arm)

Rapper: FUCK!!!

Holly: If you EVER get you or Wolf to mess with me or Steve again, I will come for you! (leaves with Steve)

Rapper: That felt good.

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