Maple is a fictional character on the web series Dick Figures. She love to listen to hip hop music and dubstep. Maple has long hair, but at the end of it have a look a like leaf that is big and wide out. Maple also have clothing on her, making her cute and cheerful. Maple is in any sport that she love to be in.



Describing Her

  • Long Hair
  • Have Clothing
  • Cheerful
  • Noble
  • A Nice Person
  • Happy
  • Funny
  • Cute
  • Stronger
  • Fast
  • Kindly
  • Mindful
  • A DJ
  • Help Other People Out
  • Give Money to clarity
  • Go outdoor
  • A Gamer
  • Has all of the game systems.
  • Have all the games
  • A Christian

Social Life

Maple is spending her life with a big mansion with a lot of money. When she go outside, she would go to the gym and work out. She love to go to the valley and relax a lot. Sometime, she go back to Canada (Her home place) and check out what's new or what happen. Since she have been nice to people, she somehow have any ability/power. She have a YouTube account and have 22,452,466 people that follows her, her username is 'Maple9182.'

She have a pet that's a husky dog and a cat that is gray. Her dog name is Skip as it's a boy and her cat name is Spring as it's a girl. She take care of people that are homeless and give them money and start them a house. She been to place to place and go around.

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