Maroon Groterenbeter
"You're just jealous because I have more jobs than you."






Red, Blue, Le Box, Fox (unrequited friendship, but he has a huge crush on her), Fifi (also unrequited, but also has a crush on her), and Charlotte (unrequited)


Broseph and Lord Tourettes





Times Dead


Romantic/Sexual Orientation


Maroon is a fictional character in the Dick Figures series. He is a bit like Broseph. He too uses hair gel, but for two reasons. One for looking good, and secondly for teasing. And just like Broseph, he gets killed in almost every episode he is in.

He mostly appears at work. However, his jobs change from time to time. For example, in Le Box, he is shown working as a movie ticket booth owner. He also said he got a job as a spy and still has a shitload of tranquilizer darts. He would sometimes use these to knock people out.

Social Life

He has known Red and Blue since high school. They were friends back then, but after college, he doesn't hang out with them as much as he use to. It is probably because he has been too busy that he started to hang out with them less. Right now, he is actually more interested in hanging out with really hot women (especially women like Fox, who he is most attracted to), mostly just to try and get a girlfriend.

As seen in the episode Le Box, he seems to be a friend of Le Box and would be willing to give it all the tickets to the movie Le Box wants to see and invite it's friends over to.


  • He secretly has a box full of pictures of Fox and Fifi from when he was working as a spy.
  • Despite having pictures of her, his crush on Fifi is pretty much one-sided.
  • He seems to be obsessed with anything with ketchup on it.
  • His last name isn't revealed until the episode Ladies' Halloween, where he wins a costume contest with Charlotte (however, the vote for them was a write-in by Charlotte, despite the fact they hardly know each other).

Maroon's Voice

The Number 700001:06

The Number 7000

Go to bed Cry16:38

Go to bed Cry

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