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Matrix Downloaded
Awesome 66
We ordered burritos not tacos!
Air date Dec 6th 2012
Written by Alpha-Lonewolf
Location Taco Bell Corporation
Other episodes by the author

The Big Lad

Fifi's Day Out



Wolf, Fox, and Lad infiltrate a corporation to reach the top executive and they use the epic matrix system to kick ass on their way up.


Music Used For Episode

       I           I          I

       I           I          I

      V         V         V

From Beginning To Accent To Top Floor

Descent OST - Level 6 (Mercury)04:19

Descent OST - Level 6 (Mercury)


From After Agents Leave Executive Office To Death of Agents

Descent OST - Level 8 (Mars)03:12

Descent OST - Level 8 (Mars)


From Start of Exploding Building To Flying Off In The Night

Descent OST - Exit00:25

Descent OST - Exit


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