Maulmart Hijinks
Written by Fluffydragonpuppy and WakaWakaPOW
Other episodes by the author

Home Alone




Red, Blue, Jack, and Emily go to Maulmart and horse around.


(Blue is driving a car with Red next to him. The radio is blasting "Bath Rhymes." Jack and Emily are in the backseat, and all four of them are screaming and cheering.)

Red: YEAH!!!!! LET'S DO IT!!!

Blue: WOOOO!!!!!!

Emily: Oh, yeah! We're gonna get kicked out of Maulmart!!!!

(All four of them start screaming and going berserk.)

Jack: Hey, look, we're here!

Red, Blue, Jack, and Emily: YEAH!!!!!

(Time lapse. Red, Blue, Emily, and Jack are in Maulmart giggling.)

Blue: Emily, do you have the list?

Emily: (pulls out a few sheets of paper.) Yep.

(Blue reads the list aloud. Red is by his side, Emily is looking over Blue's shoulder, and Jack is looking over Red's shoulder.)

Blue: "Funny thing to do in Maulmart #1: Go up to an old person and say 'Congratulations! You've just said the secret word! Please go to the management to receive your prize!'"

Emily: (laughs hysterically) Oh my GOD! Who should do this one?

Jack: I'd be happy to do it. (smiles)

(Camera shoots to Mr. Dingleberry, then to Jack walking over to him slowly with a smirk.)

Mr. Dingleberry: Eh, which laundry detergent should I pick...


(Mr. Dingleberry is puzzled. Then, the camera shows Red, Blue, and Emily. The three of them are cracking up.)

Mr. Dingleberry: Eh, what was that, sonny?

(Jack runs back to Red, Blue, and Emily, who are in hysterics.)

Jack: How'd I do?

Blue: Great... (laughs hysterically) ...Good job.

(Time lapse. The four are reading the list again.)

Emily: Oh, OH! I wanna do this one! "Lie on your stomach on a skateboard and ride around!!!"

Red: YEAH!!!!!

(Emily is holding a skateboard, and Red, Blue, and Jack are behind her.)

Emily: Okay, let's do this. WOOOO!!!! (She flops onto her stomach with the skateboard under her and pulls herself along with her hands.)

(Emily begins riding through different stores on the skateboard, including "Cinnamunch" and "License to Drill." Red, Blue, and Jack follow her.)

HALF AN HOUR LATER ( "Oh Yeah" plays while this is on the screen.)

Emily: (laughing hysterically as she pulls into a random store) Oh my God, that was great.

Jack: So, now what?

Blue: More!!!!

Red, Blue, Jack, and Emily: YEAH!!!!!!!!!

(Time lapse. Red and Jack are having a sword fight with wrapping paper rolls, and Emily and Blue are doing the same thing.)



Hand-drawn by WakaWakaPOW

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