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katie one day wakes up and Z.E.N's gone. she thinks its normal but then finds Z.E.N's sword on the couch. Z.E.N goes no where without her sword. so she goes looking for her..........


*katie wakes up this morning, gets dressed and puts her hat on and notices lots of Z.E.N's things are missing*

 katie: hey Z.E.N! where is your stuff? you store it in you room?*walks over to Z.E.N's room and knocks on the door* hellooo? retard?  *the door pushes open, a dead body falls threw the door frame and katie screams* katie: oh fuck me, that scared the shit out of me! Z.E- *notices lots of weapons and things are gone* i didn't know you would go to your spot this early in the season. oh well *goes into the living room and sits on the couch only to jump up from it in pain* goddamn! she can't just leave weapons on the couch! *covers up the bleeding and then notices its Z.E.N's special sword and see's a note on it* hmmm  Katie-sup! i left my sword on the couch for you!~and if you sat on it ha! you have an extra crack in your ass C:<       -Z.E.N mother fucker Katie: that bitch! she never leaves her sword! maybe she's just messing with me. ill go ask her brother --------------------------- *Katie drives to Zach's house and knock's on the door* Zach: its open! Katie: *opens the door* hi zach. have you seen Z.E.N lately?  Zach: *looks at katie* no wh- *notices katie's carrying Z.E.N's sword* oh shit she left her sword with you? Katie: ya thats what i thought when i saw it! Zach: well when Z.E.N left her sword with me once she had almost gone and gotten herself killed Katie: *mouth is open* you mean she's going to die?! Zach: sheesh don't worry it's Z.E.N we are talking about! Katie: *runs out of the house and starts up the car* ohgodohgodohgodohgodohgodohgodohgodohgodohgodohgodohgodohgodohgodohgodohgodohgodohgodohgodohgodohgodohgodohgodohgodohgod ----------------------- *drives to red and blues house and knocks on the door* Red: you get it im busy! Blue: lazy fuck *opens the door* katie are you alright? Katie: *doesn't even realize she's crying and wipes away her tears* h-have you guys seen Z.E.N? Red: nope! last time i saw her she put several hats on me! (hats=bear traps) but katie, you wanna you know get it on? Katie: no time! *runs back into her car* there is only two other places she could be. *drives to Z.E.N's secret spot about 4 hours away* Katie: *sighs* if she's is here im going to die. if not..... let's just hope she's here at least. *climbs over the sign that says: cross this line and then prepare to die a horrible death! -Z.E.N* *as katie walks around she sees blood batches in the grass, a spot where what surprised katie was a stargazing spot and a little beach by the ocean just behind the massive oak tree. there was also i pile of burnt dead people* katie: *looks out over the sea and a few drops of water hit the sand. but it wasn't rain* *sniff* bitch where are you *throws a rock angrily at the oak* god ----------- Katie:* lies under the oak looking at Z.E.N's sword in her kill mode* fuck. just fuck. my best friend could be dead. *cuts herself with the sword and looks at the blood coming from her hand* *what would Z.E.N say?* katie: *imitates Z.E.N* jeez you got another crack? i already gave you two asses but three? *starts to laugh but then it turns into crying and she curls up into a ball* what the fuck will i do without you- you fucktard you asshole son of a bitch?! *stands up and yells out at the sea* WHY THE FUCK WOULD YOU LEAVE AND NOT TELL ME??!?  WHO WILL ANNOY THE SHIT OUT OF ME?! WHO WILL BEAT THE SHIT OUT OF ME?!!? HUH?! *screams* WHY WOULD YOU LEAVE ME AND GO AND GET YOUR SELF KILLED?!?! WHAT THE FUCK AM I SUPPOSED TO DO!!!! *gets worn out and collapses* why?-------------- Katie: *lies in Z.E.N's stargazing spot and looks at the stars angrily, her voice is hoarse from screaming* *once again imitates Z.E.N* a salute you bitch'es *flips off the stars while saluting them* Z.E.N's salute *katie doesn't want to leave Z.E.N's spot. she sits under the oak throwing rocks art the ocean* katie: this is super boring.... *someone starts talking to her and it sounded like vixie* Vixie: katie what are you still doing here? *she starts to hear tiffany's voice too* tiffany: maybe she just needs sometime alone katie: stop! stop i know your not there! i'm going crazy!! *she hears demon red* Demon red: oh come on! your fine! *vixie pats katie on the head and katie looks up but it just turns out to be branches patting her on the head* *everyone starts talking over each other* vixie: it will be ok! tiffany: maybe we should just go guys! demon red: we are real!! *katie starts crying and all of the sudden hears sam's voice* sam: do you want a soda? *every one except katie glares at him* tiffany:.... really? sam: what?? it makes me feel better *every one talks over each other again* Vixie: wow! that was stupid! sam: soda isn't stupid! demon red: *laughs* tiffany: probably katie:*whispers* shutupshutupshutup *turns around and yell's* SHUT THE FUCK UP! *nothing's there* *continues to cry* *it gets extremely foggy that katie can't even see her feet. katie starts to fall asleep until she see movement over by the fence. was someone trying to climb over the fence?* katie: *goes into her kill mode* get out! leave! ill kill you if you climb over that line!! *the figure climbs over the fence and was panting. katie saw something glisten off their skin. blood?* katie: *thinks* 'Z.E.N would say you need to work out if you can't even climb a fence' *yells at the figure again* LEAVE! *the figure collapses* katie: maybe ill burn it in Z.E.N's pile *walks toward the figure and freezes* *the figure was covered in wounds and blood. and also had a gun with her. her?* Katie: *walks over and screams* FUCK! *the figure was Z.E.N* katie: oh shit! oh shit!! *starts to try to pick Z.E.N* Z.E.N: *grumbles* don't fucking touch me. and you were in my spot. ill kill you after i stop being half dead. katie: *starts crying with relief and sets Z.E.N down* i thought- Z.E.N: *moves uncomfortably and mumbles* oh no don't go all mushy on me don't even try to hug m- katie: *slaps Z.E.N across the face* YOU BITCH! YOU LEFT WITHOUT TELLING ME AND I ALMOST WENT CRAZY! WHERE WERE YOU?!?! Z.E.N: *has a little bit of a shocked  look on her face and groans* i went too go on some serious training. ever since wolf beat me i've been training harder and harder. i went to go fight some serious war people. luckly- *puts pressure on one of her wounds* i beat them all katie: wolf?? fuck i should of asked him where you were he might have known! Z.E.N: *forgets all about her wounds and sits up* no! don't ever ask people where i am that's just weird! *flinches as one of her wounds opens and starts bleeding* katie: chill out!! i didnt know where you were!! i wanted to find you! Z.E.N: *notices the cut on katies hand, a blood stain and a tear on her skirt* *mumbles* three assholes? i already gave you two! katie: *crys and laughs* (end) (afterwords....)  katie: you know i've been thinking Z.E.N: *had gone missing again but so no one would treat her wounds.but she had patched herself up eventually* well that's dangerous  katie: no more date nights for you Z.E.N: *stops* wait serious?? katie: yes. we were getting no where any way Z.E.N: *jumps in the air* I'M FREE FUCKERS FREEEE!!! *runs and goes on a killing spree* katie: andddd we are back *groans and walks home*

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