Morons from Another Dimension!
Season 3, Episode 8
32. Morons from Another Dimension! (3)
Air date 7/7/14
Directed by IONIXMUSIC
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Darker and Edgier (and Sluttier)
Blue and Red: Uh...
Blue and Red are tasked by Merah and Biru to destroy the most evil of entities!


  • Blue
  • Red
  • Merah
  • Biru
  • Kaleb


(Merah and Biru are sitting in their house.)

Merah: Hey, Biru?

Biru: Yes, Merah?

Merah: Remember those Earthlings that visited our dimension a year ago?

Biru: Yeah, why?

Merah: We should go to Earth and destroy those losers for disturbing our peace!

Biru: Sounds sick, bro.

Merah: Wait, you adopted their lower-level human talk?

Biru: Well, if we want to go to their world and blend in, we are going to have to speak like them, too!

Merah: Great thinking, Biru!

Biru: I know!

Merah, Biru: Ap, ap, ap, ap, ap!

(Meanwhile, Red and Blue are hanging out at Derek's birthday party)

Red: Man, this party is off the hook!

Blue: I know, dude! I've never been this drunk in my life!

Red: Dude, You've never been drunk in your life!

Blue: Shut up, man!

(Blue pushes Red onto Georgia.)

Georgia: Sup, dude?

Red: Hey, you seem pretty hot.

Georgia: Thanks.

Red: Wanna make out?

Georgia: Sure!

(They begin making out, while Blue is staring out a window, with a massive headache.)

Blue: Ugh...this is why I don't get dru-

(Blue sees a giant spaceship come down from the sky.

Blue: -nk? Dude, Red! We need to get out of here! Aliens are about to-

(Suddenly, a bolt of lightning smashes through the ceiling of house, and the partygoers gaze up at the hole. A flash of light emits, and Merah and Biru float gently to the ground, and the light shuts off.)

Merah: Hello, puny Earthlings.

Kaleb: Who you callin' puny, punk?!

(Merah blasts Kaleb with a blaster ray, sending Kaleb flying out the side of the house.)

Merah: Anybody else got comments?

(The people look at Merah and Biru in silence.)

Merah: Epic, yo.

Biru: We need two people to come here, Blue and Red.

(Red stops making out with Georgia and stands up.)

Red: Wait a minute, aren't you guys the aliens we met on that planet?

Biru: Yes, that would be correct, bro.

Red: Pfft, you guys are lame.

(Blue punches Red.)

Blue (quietly): Red! What the hell, man?!


(Merah and Biru grabs Red and Blue by the arms, and the beam of light returns, throwing them into the spaceship.)

Merah: Ap ap ap! We have finally captured you embicles!

Red: You better explain why we are here!

Biru: You are here because we need your human stupidity to save our planet!

Merah: Yes, we have discovered a life form that plans to destroy our home with their neanderthal level tactics.

Blue: Well, do you know any of their weaknesses?

Biru: Their feet are their most susceptible to pain.

Red: Alright, send us to your place and we'll kick the shit outta them!

(Merah turns on a warp speed mechanism, and they flash onto the planet.)

Blue: Fuck, that was fast!

Biru: Yes, it goes as fast as lazy writing can allow.

(Blue and Red hop out of the spaceship.)

Merah: Wait! You'll need these...

(Merah throws 2 laser guns down to Blue and Red.)

Red: Hell yeah, laser guns!

Biru: Use them wisely!

(Blue and Red run off towards a small town, currently under attack.)

Red: Oh crap, shit's going down over there!

(Red runs off towards the town, and Blue follows shortly after. When they reach the town, they see hundreds of aliens running around in a panicked frenzy.)

Blue: Dude, do you see they evil guys?!

Red: No! I have no idea what's going on!

Alien #11: Run away!

Alien #5: The Bunis have escaped!

Red: Wait, did you say "Bunnies"?

Alien #5: Yes! The most evil of beings, the Buni!

(Red looks at the alien in disgust.)

Red: Ugh, where are they?

(The alien points towards a small herd of rabbits.)

Red: Oh my fucking god.

(Red walks leisurely over to the rabbits, and picks them up.)

Red: Aw, you guys are adorable!

Blue: What?!

Red: Dude, they're just rabbits!

Blue: Are you kidding me?!

Red: Nope!

(Blue shoots his laser gun in the air to get all of the aliens attention.)

Blue: Listen, these "enemies" are harmless rabbits! You all are just huge pussies! Seriously, calm the fuck down!

Red: Ugh, let's get the fuck outta here.

(They run out of the town and go up to the spaceship.)

Merah: Did you kill the lifeforms?

(He sees Red with the rabbits.)

Merah: Agh! Why didn't you kill them?

Red: Because they're just harmless rabbits!

(Biru shoots the rabbits, and they explode.)

Red: What the fuck, dude?!

Biru: We had to destroy them!

Red: Fuck you, dude.

(Merah slams the warp drive button, and they appear next to Red and Blue's apartment building, and Biru kicks them out of the spaceship.)

Blue: Jesus, that was a waste of time.

Red: And he killed my new pet rabbits!

Blue: You don't know how to raise a rabbit!

Red: Yeah, I do!

Blue: Whatever. Just be glad that we don't ever have to do that again.

Red: Agreed.

(They walk into their apartment.)

Red: Goddammit, I got rabbit shit on my chest!


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