Mr. Black
Mr. Black
Watch out for this.
Vital statistics
Title Evil
Gender Male
Species Human
Nickname(s) Senor Negro
Status Alive
Friends Vinny (Weapons Dealer)
Enemies All of good
Job Worldwide Terrorist
Sexual Orientation Heterosexual
Nationality Mexican
Known for Committing attacks of violence
Date of birth TBA
Date of death TBA
Cause of death TBA
Weapon of choice Any military weapon
Color White
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Black
IQ Average
Height TBA
Weight TBA
Girlfriend(s) None
Appearances Risky Business
Likes Watching people suffer
Voice Actor Demian Bichir
Accent Mexican
Favorite Color Black
Times dead 0

Mr. Black is a villain on Lightshow and in the Dick Figures universe. Unlike Saigron or Dark Doom, Mr. Black is a powerful mastermind through acts of terrorism and torture. He is being tracked by many agents, but has never been caught.


Mr. Black made a few little appearances, but made his first real debut in Risky Business when he sent his henchmen to try and kill everyone in Ball Busters. Right now he is planning on something to destroy them for good.


  • His first name has never been revealed.
  • May or may not know who Agent Cyan and James Bauer are.
  • Enjoys torture.
  • Easy to leave a moment and disapear without a trace.
  • Loves to use military weapons.

Friends Met


Mr. Black meets Vinny to get the newest weapons, and is really only considered Mr. Black's only friends.

Enemies Met


Mr. Black's Voice

Voice of Marco (Mexican Detective) from The Bridge

THE BRIDGE - New Series Trailer HD01:01

THE BRIDGE - New Series Trailer HD

Mr. Black's Theme

The Song Palo Alto

Devonté Hynes - Palo Alto02:43

Devonté Hynes - Palo Alto

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