Navy is a fictional character on the web series Dick Figures. He is Blink's younger brother.

Social Life

Navy was born a year after Blink was born and was named Navy by Blue. When Navy was still a baby, Pink knew that some bad people (like Red and Stacy) would interfere and give Navy a bad example. So Pink had no choice but to let him live at her parents' house. When Navy turned 4, it was finally time for him to live at Blue and Pink's again, since he missed them so much as well as his brother.

Unlike Blink, Navy is the mischievous one of the family, meaning he is the one that acts very silly and often times plays pranks on Blink for fun, but Blink knows Navy is only playing and the two have a lot of fun together.

Navy does enjoy playing games but prefers action games, and watches action TV shows. He also likes tickle fights as much as Blink likes them, but prefers playing video games more. Navy can also be a bit of a liar and enjoys playing pranks on people he loves, but often goes too far and he gets punished for it.

He can be a bit overprotective of Blink, since Navy is actually tougher than Blink. Navy would usually protect Blink from bullies at school, since he and Blink go to the same school together.

He used to dislike Ellen whenever she comes over during a time where Blink and Navy would hang out or play. He tried to get rid of her, but warmed up to her and became good friends with her.

Navy likes Cream as a friend, because she (sometimes) lets him tickle her feet for fun. She doesn't mind it and has fun with it.


Toy Story - Sid tortures Woody with magnifying glass (HD clip)00:43

Toy Story - Sid tortures Woody with magnifying glass (HD clip)

Voice of Sid from Toy Story 1


  • Mischievous.
  • Can be a Liar.
  • Ladies' man.
    • Means he tries to get a girl.
  • Sometimes gets in front of Blink with Ellen.
  • Unlike Blink, Navy does not like Yoshi.
  • Enjoys tickle fights, but does not do it often.
  • Goes with Blink when he is being babysat.
  • Unlike most children, Navy can actually fight off Katorou & Rei.


  • Navy with his brother, Blink
  • Navy tickling Cream's feet (Image made by Metal-it-is)


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