Neon is a fictional character in the Dick Figures series. She is a girly girl who lives in her own house. She isn't so bright but she is always there to help, normally she fails to and everything usually messes up. She lives with her younger brother Tangelo and he is pretty much way smarter than her in a way. Even though they don't really share a good relationship Tangelo is always there to help her in any situations.

Neon's Family

Neon has a father and brother. Her father pretty much died of bronchitis when she was 7. So for the past years she and her brother tried to hold the household by themselves. It was hard but they luckilly made it when they were way older. They went out more than they usually did and later made friends with others. She soon made a BFF called Sapphire who was a little more stricter than anyone but was pretty cool most of the time.


Neon's voice

Lucy Hale Asks "Who Said It?"02:28

Lucy Hale Asks "Who Said It?"

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