Next Big Step
Next Big Step
I'm going to be a.... father?
Air date 27-9-2013
Written by YoshiRocker13, CookieEyes, Mdkid663
Directed by YoshiRocker13
Location Store
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 Months since their wedding, Blue & Pink find out their having a family so Blue goes to the store to get ready to being a Father.



(Blue is in his new house cooking while Pink watches TV. She laughs after a funny noise is heard on TV)

Blue: Darling! Dinner's almost ready!

Pink: Oh! Okay honey! I’ll be ready in a minute.

(Pink suddenly feels something funny in her stomach that she quickly gets up, runs to the bathroom and vomits in the toilet)

Blue: (suspicious) Pink? What's going on!? (runs into the bathroom) Pink!

(Pink is still vomiting into the toilet.)

(it later shows Pink at the doctors)

Doctor: So what happens to be the problem ma'am?

Pink: Well, yesterday I felt something in my stomach that I ran to the bathroom and threw up…

Doctor: I think you'll have to see the doctor at the hospital. (shows the doctor at the hospital using an X-Ray to scan Pink's body)

Pink: So…do you see anything, doctor?

Doctor: (stands up and clears throat) Mrs. Pink I have some good news to tell you. You and your husband are about to take your relationship to the next level. Because according to my X-Ray you have a large being in your body. Which could mean you will have a child in 7 months!

Pink: You mean I’m…PREGNANT?!

Doctor: (nods)

(a moment later Pink walks out of the hospital with a worried look)

Pink: Oh man. How am I gonna tell Blue this?

Blue: Pink! There you are! Are you ok? What did the doctor say?

Pink: Well, uhh… I’m ok.

Blue: (hugs her) Oh thank god.

(Indigo spots them and becomes very excited)

Indigo: Hi guys! (waves)

Blue: (waves) Hey Indigo.

Indigo: What are you doing here at the hospital?

Blue: Pink just got back from the hospital. She threw up yesterday.

(suddenly Pink tries to puke behind a bush)

Indigo: Oh dear! Is she going to be okay?

Blue: I hope so! Are you alright Pink?

Pink: (coughs) I’m fine! (grabs Blue’s arm after she finishes vomiting) Look, we need to go! (runs off with Blue)

(after they run back to the house, Pink lets go of Blue's hand)

Blue: Alright Pink I know something's wrong with you. Tell me what it is.

Pink: Well…the doctor said that…uhh…

Blue: (puts both hands on her shoulders and looks into her eyes) Come on Pink. Please tell me.

Pink: He said that…I’m…pregnant.

(Blue stands still not moving at all)

Blue: (shocked) What?

Pink: The doctor said that I’m pregnant… (feels embarrassed)

Blue: Uh.... That's great Pink. Now can you give me a moment. (stands outside and screams)

Indigo: (hiding in a bush) …Yeah. She’s pregnant.

Blue: (breaths in & out) Alright Blue. Calm down. You can handle this parenting business.

Pink: (from inside) You okay, Blue?

Blue: Yeah! I'm fine! (cries) Alright so I'm not! I DON'T KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT PARENTING!

(Pink tries to hear him from behind the door.)

Blue: (sighs) What am I gonna do? I should have learned about parenting in high school.

Indigo: (peeks out from the bush) Uhh, Blue?

Blue: (screams) Indigo! Were you spying on me?!

Indigo: (nervously laughs) Maybe?

Blue: (sighs) What am I gonna do Indigo?

Indigo: I’m sure you’ll be fine. Just try to stay calm and, you know, maybe prepare a room for the child.

Blue: You're right, Indigo. Thanks for the help. (walks back into the house) Alright Pink. We have to prepare a room for our child

Pink: How did you do that so fast?!

Blue: I'm always in those fast montages.

(Indigo peeks through the window with a smile on her face)

Pink: So now what do we do?

Blue: We'll have to buy supplies for our baby.

Pink: Oh, right.

(cuts to Blue at the shopping mall)

Blue: Okay let's see. Diapers, check. Bottles, check. Milk, check. And bed, check.

(while looking at his list he spots Charlotte and hides)

Blue: Oh shit.

(Charlotte jumps along the sidewalk with her pogo stick.)

Blue: I can't let her see me! She already knows me and Pink are married.

Spark: (comes in) Hey Blue dude how's it goin?

Blue: (screams) Spark! Don't scare me like that!

(Charlotte spots Blue and jumps over to him & Spark)

Spark: What the! Who's she?

Charlotte: (grits her teeth) Hi Blue… (tries to smile)

Blue: Uhh hi Charlotte.

Spark: Sorry, Charlie. (grabs her shoulder and teleports her outside)

Charlotte: LET GO OF ME!

Spark: (teleports) Sorry about scaring ya. Anyways what's the list for?

Blue: Pink's having a baby soon and I'm buying some supplies.

Spark: Wait! Already! how?

Blue: I can't blame her. That just happens.

Spark: Yeah me neither just imagine if I got married to someone.

(Blue arrives back at the house)

Pink: Welcome back, Blue.

Blue: Well Pink. That's all we gotta do for today. (sniffs) We're gonna have a family.

(Pink smiles at Blue and gives him a kiss.)

(Blue hugs Pink and after she accidentally vomits on Blue)

Blue: Auugh!

Pink: Sorry!

Blue: Aah it's alright. (Blue & Pink go to their room) So what should we name our baby if it was a boy?

Pink: Do you have any suggestions?

Blue: Maybe we name him-


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