NightMare 2 (2)
Vital statistics
Gender Male
Species Human, darkness
Status ...
Friends None
Enemies The Gods and every good
Date of birth Unknown
Color Black, Picture show
Hair Color Black, but do not show
Eye Color Picture show
IQ  ???
Height  ???
Weight  ???
Accent America
Times dead None

Nightmare is a fiction character of the Dick figures fanon. Of course, he give nightmare to anyone for reason. He is a villain with a hood on him making him so unknown looking.

Of course, he doesn't have any friend and also was made by the gods sadly. He was supposed to change people nightmare to great dream. Sadly, while he was doing his job in a person nightmare, he was trying to fix the problem but somehow something hit him on propose.

It was the dark side of the dream, it was strong and he couldn't fix it. The dark side try to fight him, but he knew that he was now weak. The darkness now was inside of him. The gods try to stop him.

Later on, the gods have to put him away. But he come back and the gods weren't going to do something about it. They all knew that this was going to happen and never get Mike wish.


  • Night Flood
  • Night Blood
  • Dark Night
  • Power Dark
  • Nightmare Share
  • Scary Shake
  • Dry Die
  • Death World
  • Death Live

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