Nyzona-04 is a fictional character from the series Dick Figures. She is an android created by Professor Stick in the year 2030. She time traveled back in present time when Saigron already ruled the earth in the future. She's also an arsenal like Wolf. Unlike other androids She possess true emotions and feeling.


Nyzona was created by Professor Stick in an industry in 2030. Professor Stick upgraded Nyzona to have feelings and emotions. When Saigron suddenly caused havoc and destruction with a rejected robot along side him. Everything was in ruins. Nyzona is still alive and saw Professor Stick and the other characters dead. She come to face the robot that has been rejected but then lost. She then decided to travel back in time, to the year 2013.


  • Variety of Superhuman Abilities.
  • Martial Arts Intuition.


  • Heavy Arsenal like Wolf including Buzzsaws.
  • Heat Vision.
  • Jet Propulsion.
  • Energy Beam Emission.
  • Invulerability.
  • Wepaon Tranformation.



Nyzona has a knack for music that's how she got this job. She have went to many tours, stages and other stuff. She even got night clubs. Whenever it's Techno or Dubstep she got them all.


None yet


  • Created by Professor Stick.
  • Became a DJ.
  • Techno Musician.
  • Dubstep Musician.
  • Can tranform into any weapon.
  • A heavy arsenal like Wolf.
  • Knows Everyone from the future.
  • Created in 2030.
  • Possesses real emotions and feelings.
  • Traveled back in time.
  • Caring.
  • Genuine.
  • Created by artifical intelligence.
  • Eyes turn red when angry.
  • Has many superhuman abilities.
  • When to many tours.
  • Has night clubs.
  • Lost to a rejected robot on time.
  • Has many dubstep songs.
  • Indestructible.
  • Liquid-proof.
  • Nocturnal.
  • Collective.
  • Helps Proffesor Stick out in his inventions.
  • Immune at viruses.


Halo 4 Master chief and Cortana emotional scene00:50

Halo 4 Master chief and Cortana emotional scene

Voice of Cortana from Halo 4

Theme Music

Nyzona-04's Theme

INSTRUMENTAL Skrillex - First Of The Year (Equinox)-004:17

INSTRUMENTAL Skrillex - First Of The Year (Equinox)-0

Battle Theme

Knife Party - Fire Hive ( remix from Mindfuck Drops ) HD-004:52

Knife Party - Fire Hive ( remix from Mindfuck Drops ) HD-0


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