Overboard Blink
Overboard Blink
"Ya gotta live like me."
Air date 22-10-2013
Written by YoshiRocker13 and CookieEyes
Directed by YoshiRocker13
Location Boat and Island
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Grey Date

Arrival of Doom

 When Blink gets marooned on an island, he meets a new friend.



(shows a ship sailing past, crushing a rowboat. Then cuts to Blue, Pink and Blink watching the sunset)

Blue: Isn't this an awesome cruise?

Pink: Wow. That sunset sure is beautiful.

Blink: (leans over boat) Ooh! The water looks nice!

Pink: (gasps) Blink! Get down from there!

Blink: Why?

Blue: You could fall off the boat!

Blink: Aww, Okay. (walks away) 

(the next day, Blink is flying his kite)

Blink: Whoa! It sure is windy today!

Blue: (to Pink) I just hope Blink will remember to be safe.

Pink: You think we should tell him to bring the kite in?

Blue: I'll go tell him. (gets up) Uh, where's Blink? (Blue looks up to find Blink flying in the sky with his kite)

Blink: WHEE!!! This is fun!

Blue: BLINK!

Pink: NO!

(Blink realises he's flying away from the ship and freaks out)

Blink: (screams) HELP ME!


Pink: I'll go tell the captain to stop the ship!

Captain: (driving boat) Ugh. Next time, I'M taking a vacation.

Pink: (runs up to him) Sir! You gotta stop the boat! My son is flying away on his kite!

Captain: These people payed a cruise. We don't stop that.

Blue: (slaps him) STOP THE FUCKING BOAT RIGHT NOW OR I'LL THROW YOU OFF! (raises his fist)

Captain: Yes! Alright! Take this rowboat!

Blue: Will this do Pink?

Pink: I don't care! I just want to get Blink back!

(then shows, Blue rowing on the boat)

Blue: (gasps) There he is! In the sky!


Blue: Blink! Jump in the rowboat!

Pink: (whispers) Oh please don't die.

(suddenly the wind takes Blink further)

Blink: HELP ME!!!

Blue: BLINK! (suddenly a big wave comes in) Holy Shit!

(Pink screams while hugging Blue tightly.)

(the big wave splashes on the two sending them into the water)

Blink: NOOO!!! (cries)

(the screen goes black, then come back with Blink asleep on the island. A shadow figure walks to him and takes him)

(around the same time, Blue & Pink arrive, asleep on the island)

Blue: (groans) Huh? Where are we? Pink! Are you okay!?

Pink: (groans) I think so...

Blue: Oh my god. We lost Blink! We may never see him again!

(Pink thinks about this and is about to cry.)

Blue: (hugs Pink) Hey honey, don't cry. We'll find Blink. I promise.

(cuts to an unconsious Blink on wooden ground)

Girl voice: Hey kid, wake up.

Blink: (groans) Huh? Who are you?

Tikia: I'm Tikia. I saved you while you were asleep. Are you okay?

Blink: (gasps) Where's my mommy and daddy!?

Tikia: Wow, he didn't even answer my question. I don't know where they are.

Blink: (cries) I wanna go home!

Tikia: (rubs his head) Relax kid, we'll find them. For now you stay with me. I'll make sure you survive.

(Tikia swings accross vines and pulls a mango out of the tree. She gives it to Blink)

Blink: Oh wow, thanks! (eats it)

Tikia: That's a good boy. Don't worry I'll keep you safe and we'll find your parents. What's your name?

Blink: (nervous) Uh... Blink.

Tikia: Wow. Nice name.

(Time-cut, shows Blink about to swing on a vine)

Tikia: Listen Blink, if you want to survive this place. You gotta live like me.

Blink: O- okay. How do I-

(Blink slips and begins swinging. He stops and freaks out)

Blink: Now what???

Tikia: Just let go of the vine and grab another one.

Blink: (lets go of the vine and grabs another) Wow! This is fun!

Tikia: See? Your getting the hang of it!

(Blink suddenly slips off a vine, almost falling to the ground. Tikia grabs him and swings back to the tree)

Blink: Wow! Thank you for saving me!

Tikia: Not a problem, you should try that sometime to save someone you love. Now stay here I'm gonna go get more Mangos. (swings away)

(cuts back to Blue and Pink)

Blue: Blink! Where are you!? Come out!

Pink: Please Blink! Come back!

Tikia: (grabbing Mangos) The more the merrier. (sees Blue and Pink) Who are they? Could they be Blink's parents?

(suddenly they hear a rumble)

Blue: What was that!?

Tikia: (looks behind her) Oh shit. (shows a volcano ready to blow)

Pink: What's that noise?

Tikia: No- no- no! I'm nice! Listen. Do you two happen to know a boy named Blink?

Pink: That's our son!

Tikia: Well follow me then! (swings away)

Blue: Hey! Wait for us! (runs off with Pink)

Tikia: Hey Blink, I have a surprise for you.

Blink: You do?

Pink: (gasps) Blink! (runs to hug him)

Blink: MOMMY! (runs to hug her)

(Blink and Pink hug tightly while Blue joins them)

Blink: I MISSED YOU! I thought you both died!

Blue: We were so worried about you!

Pink: WE THOUGHT YOU DIED! (cries happily)

Blink: (points to Tikia) She helped me!

Tikia: That's right. I did.

Blue: Thank you so much.

Tikia: No problem. But I suggest we help you build a raft, that volcano will blow any minute!

Blue: We have to build a raft!

Pink: How are we gonna build a raft that fast?!

Blue: I don't know!

Tikia: Relax, If we use logs, we could build a raft.

(shows Blue carrying logs to the raft. They quickly put them on. Then Tikia grabs a towel for a sail and brings it to the raft. Finally Blink and Pink put the sail together and the raft is complete)

Pink: (goes on the raft with Blink) (to Tikia) Aren't you coming with us?

Tikia: Don't worry about me, I know how to survive these things. Safe travels! (swings away)

Blink: Thank you!

Blue: We better get out of here!

(volcano's lava starts running down the volcano. One of the rocks destroy the raft)

Blue: Oh crap!

Tikia: Oh no. (runs back to them) Follow me!

(they reach her treehouse)

Tikia: Trust me, climb up here and you'll be fine. (they all reach the top)

Blue: Come on Pink! You can make it!

Pink: I'm going as fast as I can.

(Pink begins climbing up the tree but slips and falls where the lava almost approaches her)

Blue: PINK!

Blink: (gasps) Mommy! (suddenly Tikia speaks in Blink's mind) You should try that sometime to save someone you love. (Blink suddenly grabs on a vine)

Blue: BLINK! what are you doing!?

Blink: Trust me Daddy!

Pink: (panicking) HELP ME!

(Blink grabs Pink from the vine and brings her up to the treehouse)

Tikia: Nice job kid.

Blue: Did you teach him that?

Tikia: I have my ways.

Blink: You okay Mommy?

Pink: Y-Yes. (hugs Blink) Thank you.

(when the volcano stops, they get down from the tree)

Tikia: Alright family, let's get you home.

(later, another raft is complete)

Blue: Tikia, thank you for all the help you gave us.

Tikia: No prob.

Pink: Come on. Let's go.

Blink: Come with us!

Tikia: I can't. This is where I live. Safe travels.

Blink: (sadly waves) Bye...

Blue: Don't worry Blink, we'll visit her again sometime.

Blink: (sniffs) Okay.

Blue: Alright, let's go.

(raft begins sailing across the sea)

Pink: She sure was nice.

Blue: Hey, is that Trollz0r's plane!?

(Trollz0r's plane flies across and picks them up)

Trollz0r: (LOL Face) Someone need a rescuer?

Pink: Oh thank God!

Blink: (looks out the window) Bye Tikia...

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