Phenox was raised by no one as she was an orphan all of her life without any mother, father or friends. When she is seen others they run and hide even though she wants to have friends and a family. She is a brutal killer and an expert at sword and hand-to-hand combat, she trains in the woods alone. She has a sword called 'The demon slaying sword' and she uses bombs as weapons. As time went on Phenox became more and more distant from the world and gave up trying to make friends or be a part of a real family so she is a loner but if she ever would have friends she is outgoing and very caring despite that she is a brutal killer. She loves her friends like family, if she had any family. But other than that since she has no friends or family she is quiet and not so friendly as of right now, she is 25 years old and 5'4" tall.


phenox's life was not easy she has always been a independent women who takes crap from no one she is very strong she has a big heart for her friends if she had any she is a loner who wants revenge but we will get ta that later on she hates the color purple, for some reason and she hates lemons and when she was a child she would always hunt for food for herself she always loved being on her own but she gets lonley all the time 


phenox's abilitys besides her being a master at hand to hand combat and sword fighting she has the ability to read minds as well and is a technopath and she has the ability to heal others also she can control people   she won't tell no one she has those powers she wants to be normal 


phenox's powers is she can run super fast and she also has the power to see through walls and she has the power to summon water 




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