Phosphorus Bromide
Season 2, Episode 10
22. Phosphorus Bromide (Kappa)
Air date 4/10/14
Directed by IONIXMUSIC
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MMXIV: The Musical
Red and Derek are high.



(Red and Derek are sitting in the back of a van, smoking a shit-load of weed.)

Red: Dude...have you ever thought...

Derek: Yeah?

Red: Have you thought...what of all girls had boobs like Oboes?

Derek: Holy shit man...

Red: I know right! Thats what I thought...

Derek: What a great dream.

Red: Wait a minute...

(Red then spots Oboes walking towards their van.)

Derek: Oh shit man! Do you she'll let us get a feel?

Red: Probably not, she has mad karate skills!

Derek: Yeah, but you know how to work tits like a pro!

Red: That is true...let me give it a try!

(Oboes walks up to the back seat window of the van, and Red rolls the window down.)

Red: Heeey Oboes! What's happenin'?

Oboes: You sound...awfully chilled out today.

Derek: It's the weed.

Oboes: You have weed?!

Red: Yeah! It helps you chillax and take a break from all of the stress that life has to offer...

Oboes: ...

Derek: What?

(long pause)

Oboes: Can I have some of that weed?

Red: Hell yeah! Yo, Derek, pass this fine lady some kush!

Derek: Will do!

(He reaches into his pocket and pulls a pack of ready, rolled up blunts.)

Oboes: Sweet.

(She hops into the van, and proceeds to light up a blunt.)

Red, Derek: Puff it! Puff it! Puff it!

Oboes: Here goes!

(Oboes does a legendary 15-second huff on the blunt, and lets out mountains of smoke.)

Derek: Holy shit, dude.

Oboes: When I get high, I get HIGH.

Red: Dude...I'm starting to see things...

Derek: Like what?

Red: Bad things, man. A monster attacking the city, taking my Stacy away, killing that sweet raccoon dude...and worst of all...

(long pause)

Oboes: What?


Oboes, Derek: *GASP*!

Red: Eh...the vision's gone.

Derek: Good. You were harshing my mellow for a second there.

Oboes: Let's just chillax...

(Red and Derek rest their heads on Oboes shoulders.)

Oboes: Hey guys...

Red, Derek: What's up?

Oboes: Wouldn't it be cool...if every girl had boobs the size of mine?

Red: Sure would be cool, Boes. Sure would.

(They all take one last huff of their blunts.)


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