Pinkie Pie3

Pinkie Pie

Yay for Pinkie. You know Pinkie, happy, cheerful, and always smile. But Pinkie is now a figures. Since she love to make very figures smile, she saw Heather making people happy. Pinkie Pie love Heather to make someone, same to Heather. They became friend later on. She still have her friends, but they are figures since they got in the world.

What Happened

While Pinkie was having fun with Flutterfly, unknown things came in everywhere killing. Twilight was ask to make a portal. While she was done, Pinkie Pie was the first one to go in. When she got in, Twilight ask if it's ok. Some everyone, not discord cause he was killed, got in the portal. When all got in the other side, the other one in their world was destroy which mean that one is also destroy. Pinkie look at them and herself and yell "We are stick figures!" She still have her tail, cutie mark, and ear. Pinkie and the rest didn't care, so they try to be normal, but the other stick figures change their life. Pinkie Pie was making people happy, which it was hard, but got it. She saw someone making people happy, Heather. Heather look at Pinkie Pie and smile, same to Pinkie. Pinkie and Heather make people happy since it was easy when it was team work. But still hard.


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