Professor Stick (known as Prof. Stick) is a crazy inventor who invents and creates new types of machinery. He has been studying science since school.

Social Life

Back in elementary school, Prof. Stick was named Henry. He was the smartest kid in school and got an A+ on every science test. In high school, Henry started inventing things in science class but all failed. That is until university where he invented a device that would do math tests. This was the beginning of Henry's inventions which is why he's now named Professor Stick.

In Long Lost Idiot, it reveals that Fifi is actually Professor Stick's sister. He also explains reasons to why she never dies and why she became so stupid.


Professor Stick owns his own store where he can sell some inventions he has made, mostly he's sold most of his inventions to Red to make him more awesome. But sometimes his inventions are ruined by his sister, Fifi.

Aside from his store, he also owns and leads the Super Hero Headquarters (S.H.H.), where Super Heroes work to save crime and defeat criminals. He's the brains of the group and always sends the heroes out on missions to save the day.


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Eric Idle's Personal Best

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