Puke Figures is a parody cartoon of Dick Figures. It is made as a short series of random animations that will focus around Red and Blue. There will be a total of 4 episodes.
Puke Figures - Episode 1-000:11

Puke Figures - Episode 1-0

                                                                 The first episode.


This show was made by Zachary Gomes (A.K.A. supermeatguy supermeatboy). Zachary has also made many other random animations on YouTube.

Little Run Boy00:08

Little Run Boy

                                    A video called "Little Run Boy" that was animated by Zachary Gomes.


  • Puke Figures was on YouTube for a while, until Zachary took the video down. But then Zach remade the show.
  • Zachary's custom character "Rose" will also be seen in an episode of the show.


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