B tries to help Allen get a date, and gets help from her little sister. Allen hates the idea, but doesn't have a choice. 


(Episode opens with Hope standing on top of a pile of defeated men, with Allen in the bleachers).

Hope: Who’s next?

(Everyone runs away, except Allen).

Allen: Can we go home now?

Hope: No way! I’m just getting wormed up!

Allen: Well, I’m going home.

Hope: K, see ya there.

(Time Lapse, Allen is walking home through the park).

Allen: Maybe I should have taken a cab..  (Suddenly, a pink-ish red girl pops out of a tree.

Girl: Boo!

Allen: AH SHIT! (Falls down).

Girl: (Giggles) You’re too easy to scare (Giggles more and falls off the tree and lands on Allen).

Allen: Damn it B.

B: Sorry… So, where ya going’? (Gets up).

Allen:  (Also gets up) Home.  

B: From where?

Allen: Umm.. The gym?

B: You go to the gym? HA!

Allen: Very funny, I was just there with Hope.

B: Oh, right… Your girlfriend.

Allen:  (Blushing) She’s NOT my girlfriend!

B: … But you want her to be..

Allen:  Wh- what would make you think that?

B: The fact that it’s obvious.

Allen: You don’t know EVERYTHING!

B: Never said I did!

Allen: You act like it.

B: You know what you need?

Allen:  To get as far away from you as possible?   

B: You need a makeover!

Allen: Not a chance.

B: If you disagree, I’ll scream for help.

Allen: Why would I care if you did that?

B: You asked for it. (clears her throat) HELP! THIS MAN IS TRYING TO TAKE ME IN HIS VAN! (Everyone in the park turns and looks at B and Allen).

Allen: (Covers her mouth) SH SH! SHUT UP! I’LL DO IT! (Removes his hand from her mouth).


Allen: I hate you

B: Back at ya. Now, we’re going to need the help of a genius with you.

Allen: What? Why?

B: If I’m going to make you look attractive, I’ll need help

Allen: I really hate you.

(Time lapse, Allen and B are standing outside a door marked “Keep out “).

B: (Knocks on the door) Cindy get out here! Now!

(A little pink girl opens the door)

B: Allen, You know Cindy.

Cindy: Do you want something? I was busy working on my research on memory constru-

Allen: Hold on, THIS is your genius?

Cindy: What are you implying?

Allen: No offence kid, but you’re a little too adorable to be a genius.

Cindy: I’ll have you know that I have an IQ of 270. Now, tell me what you want, because you are wasting my time.

B: I need help giving Allen a makeover so he can ask out this girl. Cindy: I have better things to do than ply childish games with you… Then again, when he gets shot down, I can use that for my research on the phycology of rejection.  (Thinks) Yeah, alright. I’ll help.

B: YAY! Let’s go!

Allen: Fuck my life.

(Time lapse, Allen is now in a suit, with a changed hairstyle, the background is messy with hair spray cans and clothes).

Allen: I look fucking ridiculous.

B: Nonsense, you look great!

Cindy: (Trying to control her laughter) Yeah… Great…

B: See! Now go ask Hope out!

Allen: I’m not going to… We’re too good of friends.

B: Do it.

Allen: NO.

B: Just TRY!

Allen: NO.


Allen: FINE!

B: YAY! 

Cindy: (sigh) This planet has hit a new low of stupidity.

(Time lapse, Allen is holding a flower and is about to walk up to the gym to talk to Hope, but sees her laughing and talking to a dark green man through the window).

Allen: (Sigh) This was a dumb plan anyway. (Fixes his hair back to normal and throws away the flower and walks off as the camera zooms into the flower in the trash.)


(after credits)

(B and Cindy are in their living room, which is still messy, playing a video game).

Cindy: Boring, why do you play this?

B: shut up.

(A dark red girl comes in the dour)

Dark red: Hay I’m-  What the hell happened in here!?

B: Oh, well.. Uh.. You see Nicki… Um (To Cindy) You’re the smart one, you explain! (Runs away).

Cindy: (Awkwardly laughs)

Nicki: You’re both grounded.  

Cindy: Yeah, I figured…

- Real end.

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