Q: How is the movie going along?

A: If you think making a movie is hard, it's hard. Ask YoshiRocker13.

Q: What's the movie 'Rhythm Figures?'

A: It's a movie of people doing rhymes, dancing, singing famous song of 2010 to today. Also, some song back then. They would also have to do remix, Dubstep, and other. It's like Rhythm Heaven, and other. They would also get help from the Gods of Music. Jack, Mike, Rap, Lighter, Brittany, Miley, Rapie, and Lighting.

Q: How did you think of all of the ideas you have in mind?

A: I watch a lot of YouTube video, also thank to 'My little pony friendship is magic' Pinkie is now a creepypasta since brony have love them.

Q: Why haven't you made the quiz for your character?

A: OMG, I never have the time to do it. I have a lot of free time. I don't know why I never did it. I'll do it later.

Q: What inspired you to make the unknown species?

A: I don't know. Pokemon? The Puppykittywolf is kinda based off a pokemon.

Q: The Gods are kid, do they use any kind of harmony?

A: Yes, the music of harmony, the elements of harmony, the star of harmony. They know they need to be serious of these.

Q: Working on any OC?

A: Yea, it's hard to of a story for them.

Q: Isn't one of your character a slut?

A: 'Sadly, yes. It would be Heather, of course. It doesn't say in her page, but sadly yes. I'M A HORRIBLE PERSON, I HAVE A BECOME. Since I told you the answer, I must as well tell you the rest. Heather voice is now Pinkie Pie, but I'm going to change it to Princess Molestia. XD. I KNOW, I'M A MESS! But she doesn't molest kid, people, and other. Well, she get druck, but doesn't smoking. Mari doesn't change. Yea, sorry.

Q: Does your family know about Dick Figures?

A: My sister and my uncle. My mom and dad never saw it.

Ok guys. More question, more answer for you. Just type in the comment box. Yes bye.

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