Q: Is Heather really a slut?

A: NO! XD. DID YOU REALLY THINK SHE WAS A SLUT?! But she will get her voice change.

Q: Why are you making these kinds of movie?

A: I just want to share them and no one will get bored.

Q: Where do you get the idea?

A: YouTube

Q: What's with your character?

A: Oh nothing. They don't love the place they are living now.

Q: Are you think about kickstarter?

A: No. Nothing yet.

Q: If you made a movie on YouTube, using character in dick figures, do you think it was copyright?

A: I don't know what is copyright. But I think no, or yes.

Q: Why are the Gods kids?

A: The kids were born. Their parents was the Lord of elements and everything. Sadly, they dead but the demon.

Q: How was their parents dead since they were the Lord of everything and elements?

A: ...

Q: Why does the Gods love music?

A: They all love how it going with the rhythm, beat, and song.

Q: Can Joey defeat the Gods?

A: Jack can ban people ability and power for good. But for Joey, Jack don't know, too. Joey can defeat them. But the Gods can use the harmony. So, no.

Well, that's is. If you have questions, just put it in the comment box.

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