Q: Are you going to still do 'Figures react?'

A: Yes, I will. I just need to find a video.

Q: How long till part 6 will come on the movie?

A: I don't know yet.

Q: Not releasing new song, why?

A: Because I have work to do, but I'm on summer break.

Q: Why are you making more character and not using them?

A: I'm trying to put them in episode, but don't know how to.

Q: Since when did you come up 'Figures react?'

A: TheFineBros show kids, teens, elders, and YouTubers video and want to know how they react to them.

Q: What happen if someone took your ideas?

A: I will be upset and I have noticed that someone was doing the same thing, I KNOW HOW YOU ARE, I CAN TELL THE DRAWING!

Q: Are you going to make villain later?

A: I guess, depends.

Q: Why do you do creepypasta?

A: The reader will know how I feel, I will post some more.

Q: There's not much game your character is playing, why?

A: I have to pick the game they will play.

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