Q: Kickstarter?

A: No.

Q: Next movie is coming up, how do you feel?

A: Great, thanks for asking!

C(Comment): Of course, no one put comment in the box whatever you put sometime new.

A: NNNNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOO! Yes, I know and the character 'Wolf' have most comment, don't care.

Q: Favorite song?

A: Yes, not telling you!

Q: Love to do quest?

A: Make me not bored.

Q: Love to be in then chat room?

A: Not anymore, I'm not going back in there till someone say sorry to me, I KNOW WHO YOU ARE!

Q: When is Mari going to smile?

A: Maybe later

Q: Mari use to have a happiness?

A: Yea, then was take by L.A. and A.L.

C: So, the figures of the knight is gone and never continue.

A: Sorry, it was bad, but I'm sure I can get this movie right, Smile and Cupcake.

Q: Why does Heather and Mari have fur and not Tucker and Jackson?

A: I don't know, I just have to put fur on them.

C: Their fur doesn't like real.

A: Fuck it, I'm going to change them all!

Q: Do you think you could change their tail?

A: Sure

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