Rainbow (a.k.a one of B1K3's friends) is a fictional character in the Dick Figures universe, he has a scarf and has different colors. He is a computer hacker in the FAGS Agency.

Social Life

Rainbow is likable when he's normal, but people dislike him when he has one of his MPs on. Everybody is his friend except Earl Grey and Gerald Butler.

Multiple Personalities

Rainbow is known to have multiple personalities, he changes into one color whenever he is triggered.

Blood Red Hit-Man

Blood Red Hit-Man is known to be cruel, vicious and mean, he kills few people, but a lot of cute animals except ponies.

Orange Emotional Texan

The Orange Emotional Texan tells sad or other emotional tales, he always makes people cry.

Yellow Clumsy Hero

The Yellow Clumsy Hero tries to stop as many crime as he can... But messes them up in the end.

Justin Glee-er

Justin Glee-er sings really annoying songs, I mean reaaaaally annoying songs, but still makes girls fall for him.

Blue Workaholic

The Blue Workaholic works all the time, and always seems to think he has a different job every hour.

Indigo Detective

Indigo Detective is great at solving crime, but is always, always serious.

Purple Girlzygirl208

Purple Girlzygirl208 talks in a high pitched voice, likes ponies, texts, and uses phrase shortcuts like "GTFO" or "ROFLMAO".


  • He is known to have one more personality, but noone knows about it, not even him.
  • He has a secret obsession with ponies, even if he isn't Purple Girlzygirl208.


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