Randy is a fictional character on the web series Dick Figures. He is part human, part angel. He can fly anywhere with his wings and his colors in his hair describe his range of personalities, but for the most part he's kinda of a jerk. The colors in his hair identify that he has emotional issues, as he can become either Happy, Sad, Angry, or just plain normal, the other two colors are a mystery. His appearance comes across as a cross mix between Broseph and Rainbow Dash from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.

Social Life

Randy lived in heaven as part human since his mother was human, and his father was an angel of good. After turning eighteen, his mother told him that the world needs his help to protect it from evil, but all Randy wanted to do was experience the american dream. He came out of the sky one day and met Jade, the two became partners in crime whenever the opportunity comes to visit another world, afterwards he met Jones and Twilight. The different colors in his hair are the emotions and personalities he has, he can be normal, happy, sad, and angry, there are two other's that are unknown to this day.


Randy's Friends


Randy met Jade on his first day on earth, Jade discovered his powers and thought he was cool to hang out with. Also Jade can use him to travel to the underworld and other out of earth places.


Was introduced to Jones from Jade, the two liked each others selfish behavior and got along. Now Jones trusts Randy to tag along with him and Jade on various adventures.


Randy doesn't hang out with Twilight much, but the two do like to mess with others with their powers.

Randy's Enemies


Randy finds Broseph too annoying for his tastes, he also thinks that his complicated relationship with Wednesday and Emily is stupid, and enjoys annoying both of them by killing Broseph.


  • Jerk
  • Athletic
  • Can fly
  • Has multiple colors in his hair.
  • Sometimes annoying to others, but not always to the point that he gets killed right away.
  • Can travel to other worlds.
  • Is inspired by Rainbow Dash from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.

Randy's Voice

Voice of Jenko (Tall, Muscular Guy) from 21 Jump Street

21 Jump Street school scene HD02:20

21 Jump Street school scene HD


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