Rap is the God of Earth. He play the drum to keep up his game. He play any game what he feel like. He came down Earth to eat the grass and other thing he see. He mostly go play out with Lighter. They mess around with some people they have never seen before or someone.

The Cool Life

As his notice about his parent death, he didn't do anything. All he did was run around to find some grass to eat. As he travel with his sister and brother, he wonder why could his parent die if they are the Lord of everything.

He try to find some answer but didn't bother to do it. He started to be a fighter and make music and make grass to him to eat. He saw some new game he could play, but using his power, he notice that money are green, so he think about it and money appear on his hand.

He play with his brother, Jack, since he have nothing to do. The first game he bought for all for his sister and brother was Minecraft. He notice that he have to mine and craft, that how he understand why the game was called Minecraft, because you have to mine and craft.

His sister and brother understand, but didn't know if it was a joke or not. He said it wasn't a joke. Later, he met The Raccoon, he want to know his real name, but didn't know why people called him The Raccoon.

Friend (Brother/Sister)

  • Brother and Sister

He love to mess Jack around, but love to do prank with him on people or his sister or brother. Jack know he play game a lot for no reason.Mike know Rap not a nice person. Mike give him a lot of grass because's just like him. Mike don't really get around him much, but still brother with him. Rap don't think much about him.They get around all the time and mesas with people they don't really care much. Yes, they have jobs, but don't do them sometime. They go to the movie at their mansion which is big. They would mess around with the star at outer space.He know that she is a good singer, but with the cuteness, he said that she can make people cute and other. She didn't say anything. Sometime, he go with his sister to go mining to look for diamond and other.He doesn't really talk to her much. He sometime show Miley how to play game, but Miley don't understand.They are different, but they have fun together. They fool around, but play game. They help together and do everything.Just like Lighter, but Lightening just listening to music. Rap doesn't tell her anything new.

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