Rapper is a fictional character on the web series Dick Figures. He is basically a crazy killer like Wolf but is a lot nicer and only kills Street Gang members and not random people all the time like Wolf does.

Social Life

Rapper originally used to live on the streets where some street gangs live. Sometimes the gangs would not prefer Rapper around them and the gangs are always fighting Rapper so he would leave them alone. After 6 years living in the streets, Rapper eventually decided to build his own house so the Street Gangs would no longer disturb or try to kill him. Rapper is now living a good life and sometimes loves to go out on dangerous adventures.

Rapper became a killer after losing one of his childhood best friends Zuri, a girl who hung out with him every day until the day she died. He swore to kill for the rest of his life to protect those he loves, kill the ones he hates and mostly just doing it for fun.

Rapper usually likes to go kill some street gangs because he knows they might belong to Bruce.


Rapper (as you would expect) is a crazy killing spree psycho who very likely enjoys killing street gang members and at times just random people. Unlike Wolf though, Rapper is sometimes a nice guy and will help people he loves (only if it involves action). Rapper also enjoys video games, hacks and every day activities also. His favorite drink is beer and can do crazy things when drunk. He sometimes hits on women at random times but does it when his girlfriend Rei isn't around.


"Ready to be Slaughtered?"






Batman & Bloser (sort of)


Earl Grey

Weapon of Choice


Timed Dead


Since The New Hero, Rapper has become his own hero originally called SuperRap. He has many weapons up his sleeve as well as the powers he has. Rapper met Batman & Bloser and
A New Hero

SuperRap, original hero.

wasn't very cool with them. But after a while he teamed up with them to defeat Earl Grey. However he then decided to change his name to RipperKiller. RipperKIller now has big claws able to slaughter any human being and destroy computers. He also has a giant robot hand used to crush anyone and destroy buildings. RipperKiller can also shoot a green laser out of his Cyborg eye. He is even part Cyborg thanks to his design in Epic Cyborgs.

Rapper's Friends


Red and Rapper are very good friends. Often times they would go get drunk, steal things and mostly hang with girls. Sometimes Red can be a bit rude and mean to Rapper since he's not like Wolf, but Red still shows some respect to Rapper.


Blue usually tries to stop whatever kind of madness Rapper is doing, which is why they don't really hang out much. But Rapper has helped Blue out in many ways which shows they are pretty good friends but don't hang out every time.

Lord Tourettes

Rapper became friends with Lord Tourettes because Rapper thought Lord Tourettes was cool. This was proven in Amnesiac Red. He sometimes uses his Tourettes syndrome to get what he wants, but sometimes Rapper doesn't like the fact Lord Tourettes isn't the kind of person he is.


In Island Fever Part 2, Rapper made sure Pink didn't go with him on his dangerous mission which makes us prove that Rapper cares for Pink. Plus Rapper went to Pink's birthday party. But Rapper has helped Pink many times. One time he helped her conquer her fear if insects and save her many times from Gang Members. The two have a strong friendship.


Stacy met Rapper when they were at Pink's Birthday party. Stacy of course tried to have sex with Rapper many times but always rejected by him. The two are still pretty good friends in other ways though.


Rapper was a random target for Wolf. At first Rapper didn't like Wolf but after they killed Bruce, they became friends. The two usually like to cause trouble together. Sometimes the two face each other to see which killer is better between Wolf & Rapper. They even fight for one weapon they both want.


Rapper became friends with Fox because he knew she was Wolf's best friend. Rapper usually helps Fox out like most men do, but he's not the type of person to actually do anything sexual with her, since he doesn't really feel like it.


Steve became friends with Rapper after he saved Steve from the island. Howver Rapper can still treat Steve like crap.


In Resident Zombies Memesis Pt 1, Rapper seemed to be friends with Grox and plus he helped Blue fix Grox when he was broken (in RP done with HungryGrox)


Rapper saved Indigo by killing some street gang members. Although he didn't mean to he still liked Indigo and he became her new friend.


Rapper is friends with Wednesday because not only did he save her from Bruce & his gang but because she was Lord Tourettes' sister.


Not really Rapper's friend but Auburn knows he saved Indigo from the street gang. Plus Auburn started to like Rapper even if he was a killer.


Rapper comes to the Drunken Bear Tavern with Wolf sometimes to grab some beer. Rapper even thinks Lad is a good fighter even if he was a giant. Rapper and Lad are also beer buddies, since they usually like to drink/bring beer together.


Although he's friends with Emily, Rapper sometimes gets annoyed when Emily interrupts him, pees in his bed and so on. But the two are still great friends.

Midnight Blaze

Rapper met Midnight Blaze when she was at the park. They started to like each other and Rapper was able to save her from Katorou & Rei (Kari doesn't mind though)


Rapper & Rei used to be enemies. But when he saved her from a street gang they became friends. Plus Rei even has a crush on Rapper. But after he saved her at the beach. They became a couple which means Rei is now Rapper's girlfriend.

Rei came with Rapper on his adventure in Rapper and the Grey Days Episode 1, but later on Rapper found out Rei only wanted to be with Rapper so she could have his weapons, not because she loved him. The two fought and broke up, but Rei brought Rapper back to life by telling him her true love for him, and they later got back together in Episode 8, for real.

However, in Weapon Collection, after a situation went on with Katorou, Rei had no choice but to ditch Rapper. Rapper however, took it very seriously, and understood the situation. Although he may have broken up with her, she and him are still good friends.


When Ryle entered the scene to fight Saigron in The World's End, Rapper at first didn't trust him. But after the battle he started to like Ryle. At times, Rapper tends to tease Ryle, which angers him, but sometimes Rapper can be a bit annoyed by his bitchy attitude, which explains another reason why he annoys him.


Rapper and Spark first met at Blue and Pink's wedding in Wedding Day. At first Rapper thought he was someone bad but Ryle introduces Rapper and his friends to him. Hence they became friends.


Rei (Rapper's girlfriend) sometimes leaves Kari with Rapper while she's off with Katorou. Rapper likes to play Flame War with her so they see each other as good friends.

Bruce (Now)

After the events of Dick Figures: Fanons Unite, Bruce and Rapper started to get along well enough after they defeated Saigron together. They put their past behind them and became friends once again.


Because of her killing antics, she sometimes brings Rapper with her to do crazy things. Sometimes, Jade is impressed by Rapper's actions. Rapper is one of the few people that doesn't get attracted by Jade's sexiness.


Since he met Jade, Rapper also knows Jones. The two love to get drunk on certain nights, and rob banks together. Sometimes Jones can get jealous of things Rapper does that seems more epic than his actions.

Rapper's Enemies

Bruce (Before)

Bruce has been Rapper's longtime enemy and rival. They used to be friends in school but became enemies in high school, it's unknown how they broke their friendship.


Rapper appears to have a massive hate in Fifi the day he met her because of her stupidness. However Rapper likes to send Fifi to Bruce so she can annoy him. However Rapper still doesn't realise that Bruce likes Fifi.


Just like most of his friends, Rapper finds Broseph annoying and he sometimes kills him like Red would. But sometimes he shows respect to Broseph.

Earl Grey

Earl Grey became Rapper's villain when he first became a hero. And aside from the superhero business Rapper still finds Earl an enemy.


Shock has become one of Rapper's powerful villians. They first battled in Shocking Battle (Part 1) & (Part 2) but Rapper can kill Shock easily with fire.

Dark Doom

Unlike Saigron and Bruce, Dark Doom is one of Rapper's most powerful enemies. Mostly because Rapper's skills can match against Dark Doom's dark evil power. As shown in Arrival of Doom Rapper also avoids Dark Doom to make sure he doesn't get possessed.


Rapper hates Saigron because of his plans to become a god. Luckily thanks to Rapper and his friends, they send him back to hell.


Although he's Rei's girlfriend & Kari's friend, Rapper finds Katorou annoying especially when Katorou messes and yells at him. He even tries to ruin his relationship with Rei because of Katorou having a crush on Rei.


Since Rapper saved Wednesday in A Day with Rapper, She started to like him. However Rapper dislikes Charlotte most of the time since he knows she keeps trying to kill Pink.


Rapper HATES Goldie's bad behavior on everyone else when it comes to threatening to hear more about Wolf. Rapper would go through many lengths to kill her and end her crazy wrath. But it would be pretty simple since she's not as crazy as Fifi.


Rapper does not like the fact Rare thinks she can be so rude since she thinks she's so popular, her rude attitude can piss Rapper off easily, which may cause him at times to end her bossy life.


Victoria became Rapper's stalker when she saw how good he was at fighting. Rapper finds Victoria to be creepy and annoying and tries to avoid her at all costs. And sometimes he tries to kill her himself if Victoria tries to hurt/kill Rei.


  • Killer like Wolf, but nicer.
  • has the second most amount of weapons.
  • Use to be friends with Bruce
  • Also likes to drink beer.
  • Sometimes tries to be a better killer than Wolf.
  • Killer (but nicer)
  • Un-Friendly to Gang Members
  • Owns a Tank
  • Gives ALOT of his weapons to his girlfriend Rei.
  • Will be one of the main characters in Dick Figures: Fanons Unite.
  • Can pull any weapon out at any random time
  • Gets into a very sour mood if he is insulted very badly, ESPECIALLY by Wolf.
  • Hates Valentine's Day because of Rei being bossy. Proven in Stupid Cupid
  • He also kills random people like Wolf but not all the time.
  • As shown in A Rapper's Past, Rapper will get into a rage mode if anything is mentioned about his bad childhood.
  • HATES Ryle's bad behavior.
  • Can be a big dick sometimes.
  • Is a pro at Flappy Bird, as shown in The Flappy Gang.
  • Doesn't like being bossed around.
  • Will get dark revenge on anyone who pushes him around, proven in Rapper's Rare Revenge.
  • Likes to tease people.
  • Always never takes Wolf's jokes so seriously.
  • Most of the time, Rapper is a very nice person, but will kill if in the mood to.


So far, most of his deaths are caused by Wolf.


Sonic For Hire - Paperboy

Sonic For Hire - Paperboy

Voice of Sonic in Sonic For Hire

Voice of Sonic in Sonic for Hire


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  • This was a random photo I made of Rapper REALLY angry. This was how I felt after reading Rabid Wolf
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