No Title
Rapper's Home
"Enter or Die."

Home of:

Rapper (obviously)


Red and Blue's apartment.


Meet Rapper

This is the home of Rapper. As you can tell by the picture, Rapper hates intruders who come into his home like Bruce and his Gang, but will allow people like his friends to come in. Rapper's home is next door to Red and Blue's apartment which explains why they visit all the time. But since Red lives with Wolf and Blue lives with Blink and Pink, none of his friends really live with him anymore.

Rapper originally got his house after being bothered by Bruce and his Gang for a long time. Originally Rapper lived on the street where Bruce's gang always bust in and disturb/try to kill him, hence Rapper decided to live in a house. This was one of the only things Rapper bought instead of stealing it, other than the fact he steals money as well.

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