Rayne of Fire!
Vital statistics
Title Good
Gender Female
Status Alive
Friends Raccoon, Blue, Red, Rapper, all of Good.
Enemies Dragons and Bad People.
Job Getting Dragon Power
Known for Killing Dragons
Weapon of choice Blood Suckers
favorite game Killing Dragons
Color Red
IQ average
Height average
Weight average
Girlfriend(s) None
Boyfriend(s) None
Voice Actor Charlize Theron
Accent American
Times dead 0
Rayne (fully known as Rayne of Fire!) Is a fictional character in the Dick Figures series. She is a dragon slayer by killing dragons. But she also can take powers from a Dragon by sucking it's blood after killing it. She also carries wings on her back all the time, due to the fact she takes Dragon's powers. She also breathes fire and spit fireballs, since Dragons can breathe fire.

Social Life

Since she was a kid, Rayne always had a thing for killing dragons, she would usually play video games that involved killing Dragons. During her teen years, she was captured by a Dragon and was bitten by an Ancient Dragon that would give her the ability to take Dragons' powers. The dragon went on to raise her as her very own when her parents died. So this dragon who took care of her was the only dragon she ever loved until she went on killing Dragons to use their power.

Rayne can be good most of the times, but she can also turn evil if she sucks blood from a shadow Dragon. To tell when this is happening, her body turns from Red to Black and her wings turn purple as well as her eyes. The only way to turn her back is to put Dragon blood in her body.

In The Rayne of Fire, she helped Red and Rapper defeat a dragon by slaying it. Impressed with her skills, Blue, Red and Racccoon thought she was pretty cool and they became friends. Rayne will always go through many ways to make sure her friends are safe and not killed by her worst enemies.


Rayne has the ability to obtain a Dragon's power. After killing a Dragon, she proceeds to suck its blood and take whatever power the Dragon has. Rayne can breathe fire from her mouth and even shoot fireballs from her mouth. She can shoot laser fire from her fingers and eyes. Most of her power is based off fire since she kills Dragons for a living.


The Fight beween charlize theron to Will Smith04:48

The Fight beween charlize theron to Will Smith



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