Reaper Shadow
Reaper Shadow


Dark Spark's Power


Corrupts the person on contact besides


Chain Projection, Sword Beam Emission, Weapon Transmutation, Absolute Cutting


Dark Spark

Dark Spark's primary weapon is his sword katana Shinigami No Kage meaning Reaper Shadow. This katana is made from Dark Spark's power and like Bloodlust it can absorb any power. This weapon cut through anything like the Cyber Power Swords and can fire dark beam and fire from it. This weapon is also able to Dark Spark to create unbreakable chains to grabs the enemy.


If Dark Spark becomes one with his own weapon, it can change into different kinds of weapons at his own will and unleash wield to it's full potential. This weapon wll also corrupt anyone else if they try to use it or almost impossible to lift, similar to Bloodlust.

Normal Mode

This is the basic mode of Reaper Shadow. It can release wind, dark energy or chi at it's opponents or extends it's blade for long distant combat.

Reaper Shadow

Whip Sword Mode

for the weapon is used for long distant combat only. This can yank away the armor of it's opponents and suffocates them to drain thier until they pass out or die.

Reaper Shadow (Whip Mode)

Talon Mode

This final mode is used for fast combat or stealth. For sleath, it can both stab and slash it's opponent with silence without any detection. For fast combat, it enhances the user's speed to keep up with other faster opponents.

Reaper Shadow (Talon Mode)

Reaper Shadow Facts

  • Made of Dark Spark's power.
  • Indestuctible.
  • Can fire large beams of dark chi from the blade.
  • Absorbs life, power and knowledge like Bloodlust.
  • Cuts throught anything like the Cyber Power Swords.
  • Able for Saigron to lift, since he is every evil that exist.
  • Able for Saigron to use also.
  • Corrupts If anyone tries to weild it like Bloodlust.
  • Able to levitate by it's masters will.
  • Known to have dark chi control.
  • Creates spheres of darkness like Bloodlust.
  • Extend impossibly long lengths like Bloodlust.
  • Can duplicate.
  • Can create shadow duplicates.
  • Can cut through any beam or ball of any kind of energy.
  • Can regenerate when destroyed, even in tiny pieces.
  • Can project unbreakable chains to grab to enemy at a longer distance.
  • Can erupt fire pillars when piercing the ground.
  • Will never corrupt Saigron in anyway if he handles this weapon.
  • Can transmute into different weapons.

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