Retro is a fictional character from the series Dick Figures. He is an Artificial Intelligence who moderation or create any item from a video game. He's a professional hacker and can go in or out of video game. He can also make video game characters unreal, real. He can glitch a video also. He had been helping children playing video games that everyone in England loved him.

Retro Life

In England many people had been playing many video games. One day there was a glitch thus Retro was born, he had every knowledge of every video game and every genre. He aquired the ability to hack into any computer or network and is able to make any game characters in real life. Retro has a unique intrest in english tea and always goes to Putain Délicieux to go have some. He went to Japan to find some games and play were he becomes a master at them. He went played some violent video games such as Gears of War and Devil may Cry. When he went back to Enlgand thieves and hacker try to rob banks and robs. But Retro can go to any computure or electric device to stop them, He then become a role model, after that he then decide to move to America.

Catch Phrases

  • "Level up bitch!"
  • "EAT MY DICK!"


  • Hacking.
  • Advance Martial Arts.
  • Professional Gaming Skills.
  • Power Level Reading.
  • Ninja Senses.
  • Wireless Network.


  • Video Game Physics.
  • Moderation.
  • Coding.
  • Portal Opening.
  • Teleportation.
  • Digital Blue Flames.



Retro gets this job as a professional hacker. He can can go through any computer, security system, firewall and antivirus and ram. Retro gets his money for a job well done.


Video Games Can Have Real Life Effects (NSFW Tales)

A Goddamn Interview (NSFW Tales)

Retro Facts

  • Competitive.
  • Can make things unreal, real.
  • Professional at hacking.
  • Created from a glitch.
  • Can moderate any weapon.
  • Can go through any firewall.
  • Friendly.
  • Turns red when seriously angered or furious.
  • Hacker.
  • Can go to the 8-bit world freely.
  • Has a scouter.
  • Can go through anti viruses.
  • Moderator.
  • Collective.
  • Made of Artificial Intelligence.
  • Coder.
  • Doesn't short circuit.
  • Want's to meet some of Red and Blue's friends.
  • Can add binary codes.
  • Can go into PC or Mac.
  • Can go through security systems.
  • English American.
  • Can create ram data.
  • Fearless as Wolf and Fox.
  • Likes playing video games.
  • Can spread viruses.


Sanity not included season 4 all animated scenes

Sanity not included season 4 all animated scenes

Voice of Dexter from Sanity Not Included

Theme Music

Retro's Theme

Rymdreglage - 8-Bit Trip

Rymdreglage - 8-Bit Trip

Battle Theme

Dimrain47 - Surface

Dimrain47 - Surface