Roar's New Home
Season 12 - Roar's New Home
"Please kill me."
Air date May 1, 2014.
Written by YoshiRocker13
Directed by YoshiRocker13
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Season 11

All Hail the Bitch



Red drags Blue along to help Roar find a new home after the trash is cleared.



(Red and Blue are walking through town.)

Red: Isn't it gonna be great to see my pet again?

Blue: (bored) You mean the ugly mosnter that wrecked the whole fucking city?

Red: (long gasp) Roar is not a monster! YOU are! (floats away) Yesssssssss.

(They arrive to a large area where only Roar is found.)

Roar: Roaaarrr...

Red: Hey doggy old buddy! What's shakin'?

Blue: HE'S NOT A-

Red: (knocks Blue out with a baseball bat) Ignore him.


Red: What? Why so mad bro?

(Red looks around the place.)

Red: Something's weird around here.... (to Roar) Are you moving out bro?

(Red notices a workman cleaning up all of the trash in the dump. Red storms up to him.)

Red: Hey douche! What'cha doing with all of Roar's things?!

Workman: We're getting rid of it.

Red: WHY?!

Workman: (frowns) this place needs to be clean up! And we're going to execute that THING in a few hours!

Red: (punches the workman) YOUR RUINING MY PET'S HOME! AND HE'S A DOG!

Workman: He's NOT a dog! And we're not letting this entire trash dump stink up the entire city!

Blue: He's got a point.

Red: Well WE'RE not gonna let THAT happen! Right Roar?

(Roar's trash are already gone.)



Blue: (pause) Please kill me.

Red: You know what that means? (sniffs) Roar gets to stay at YOUR place!

Blue: WHAT?! NO! We're not having that thing at MY house again!

Red: Think of him as a pet for your kid.

Blue: NO! Can't he live with you at Wolf's?

Red: Uhh, I don't think he allows giant dogs...

(Blue face palms in annoyance.)

Red: (wipes his eyes) Don't worry Roar! We'll make you a new home!

Blue: And how the fuck are we suppose to do that?

(Red finishes drinking a can of coke and tosses it in the dump yard.)

Blue: (eye twitches) You've got to be kidding me...

(Roar bites down an entire building, killing everyone inside, he throws it into the dump yard.)


(Stacy crawls out from the wreckage.)

Stacy: Whoo! It's good to be alive again! (dies)

Red: (throws more trash in the dump yard) Roar's new home will be done in NO time!

(The trash collectors suddenly clean up the trash.)

Red: HEY! That was our dump!

Trash Collector: Which has to be burned! (walks away)

Red: Fuck you asshole!

Blue: Uhh, maybe we should just go home.

Red: You mean take Roar home?

Blue: NO! I mean, just you go to YOUR home, and I go to mine you idiot.

Roar: Roar go too?

Blue: No! You can stay here in this... empty trash dump...

Red: Never fear old dog! We'll find you a perfect home!

(Red and Blue take Roar to Broseph's home.)

Broseph: What the hell is that thing?!

Red: It's my pet dog, Roar!

Broseph: Bra, that's a monster!

Roar: (gets angry) ME NO MONSTER! ME ANGRY! (crushes Broseph's house)

Red: You made my dog angry!

Broseph: Bra, you cray cray.

(cuts to Red, Blue and Roar in the Shit Piss Fart woods.)

Blue: Uhh, I'm not sure if L.T. will like this monster in his woods.

Red: Do you really think I give a shit, dude?

Blue: (sighs) Obviously not...

(Red and Blue arrive at Lord Tourettes' house.)

Red: Welcome to your new home Roar! (points to L.T.'s house) And you have a nice bed too!

Roar: Bed...

(Roar is about to lie on L.T.'s house.)

Lord Tourettes: (wakes up from his bed) Aahhh, what a lovely FUCK I had!

(He notices a large shadow above his house.)

Lord Tourettes: (looks up) FUCK!!!

(Roar lies on L.T.'s house, crushing Lord Tourettes to death.)

Blue: What. The. Fuck?!

Red: See? Told ya he'd love it dude!

Blue: DUDE! He just killed L.T.!

Red: Naah, he's just nappin'.

Roar: Nighty nighty... (snores loudly)

Blue: (covers his eyes) Aaah! That's too loud!

(Red naps besides Roar and snores even louder.)

Blue: Could this day possibly get any worse?

Wednesday: (angry) Blue? Why is our house crushed?!


(Episode Ends)


Lord Tourettes: (comes out from the damage) I just got FUCKED!


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