Role Playing Freaks
Season 12 - Role Playing Freaks
"I love this FUCKING quest!
Air date May 15, 2014.
Written by YoshiRocker13
Directed by YoshiRocker13
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Steve invites Rapper and Lord Tourettes to do some role playing adventures, but Rapper decides to make his own rules.



(The Episode begins with Steve climbing a large cliff.)

Steve: (reaches the top) Hark! We made it! Soon we shall rescue Princess Holly from the clutches of the evil Red-eth the Third!

Rapper: (reaches the top wearing a knight hemet) Seriously, your making this even more boring pet peeve.

Lord Tourettes: (jumps to the top) Ooh! Why this place looks absolutely FUCKED!

Steve: Right, now we advance to rescue the Princess! (runs off)

Lord Tourettes: Splendid! (skips off)

Rapper: (grins) I will make my ways to make things more interesting...

Steve: Halt men! We seem to have encountered one of Red-eth's minions, THE BLUE TITAN!

(cuts to Blue in a knight outfit)

Blue: (sighs) They don't pay me enough for this crap.

Lord Tourettes: Play along BUTTFUCKER!

Blue: (sighs and wields his sword) Stand down you fools! You shall not pass for I will-

(Rapper throws a rock at Blue.)

Blue: The fuck?

Rapper: You seem to be taking extreme damage pussy. (throws another rock)

Blue: What the fuck are you doing?!

Rapper: Throwing rocks, if you get hit, you lose health.

Lord Tourettes: Ooh! Splendid! Then the heroes will FUCK over the villains! (laughs and throws rocks at Blue)

Steve: Oh my god. This is a joke right?


(Rapper punches Blue)

Rapper: Aaaand he's down for the count.

Blue: Aaah fuck. (dissapears)

Steve: Hey you can't just hit them! Use strategy! That isn't fair!

Rapper: Your FACE isn't fair.

Lord Tourettes: Let's throw more DICKS! (skips off)

Steve: (bored tone) You've got to be kidding me right?

(They reach a large cavern.)

Steve: Halt! It's the Dragon's Cavern!

Lord Tourettes: (wide-eyed) Th- The what?!

(A large dragon flies out and lets out a huge roar.)

Lord Tourettes: (screams in fear) Don't FUCK me!

Rapper: (pulls a sword out) Oh yeah! Time to slay this beast!

Steve: Wait! Use strategy! That's what Role Playing is about!

Rapper: Fuck you. (jumps up at the dragon)

Lord Tourettes: And then the Dragon dissapears and never returns again!! (shivers)

(The Dragon explodes, sending blood everywhere.)

Rapper: Aww sweet! (drinks blood) Nice going L.T.

Steve: L.T.! That's cheating!

Lord Tourettes: I was scared FUCK!

Steve: (sighs) Alright I'll let you do that just one.

Rapper: Or more.

Steve: No! This has to be fair!

Rapper: Hey, who came up with this dumb idea?

Steve: I DID!

Rapper: Why?

Steve: I was bored okay? (rolls his eyes) God, don't you know anything about fun?!

Rapper: Yes. (shoots an ogre off-screen) I LIVE the fun, pussy.

Lord Tourettes: OOOH! I never knew killing would be fun!

Rapper: Uhh, never try it L.T.

Lord Tourettes: (pulls out a map) And we advance to Red-eth's PENIS castle!

Steve: Aaah! Where we rescue the lovely Princess Holly!

Rapper: This guy has problems.

(They head inside)

Steve: Whoa! Look at these huge stairs! It could take hours for us to climb this thing.

Rapper: Fuck...

Lord Tourettes: We could use the ele-FUCKER!

Steve: But it won't work that way L.T.

Rapper: So what? We can only climb the stairs?

Steve: YES! (begins going up the stairs)

Lord Tourettes: (cries) It's going to take FUCKING months!

Rapper: Then you and I will take... (pulls out a map and reads it) A teleportation to the top floor!

(They teleport to the top floor.)

Lord Tourettes: YIPEE! We made it to the COCK floor!

Rapper: (reads the sign) Hmm, floor 99? Heh, it'll take hours for Steve to get up here.


Steve: (comes up to the 99th floor puffing) Man... that... was... a lot... of- (notices Rapper and Lord Tourettes) HEY! How did you guys get up here before me?!

Rapper: We used teleportation.

Steve: But that's ch-

Rapper: (puts a hand on Steve's mouth) Ah, ah, ah. It isn't cheating when we read it from the map.


Rapper: Nope.

Steve: (sighs) Let's just go and rescue the princess.

(They burst into the room Holly is in.)

Steve: (gasps) It's the Princess! And Red-eth is in her way...

Red: (laughs evily) You won't stop me! These boobs will be MINE!

Holly: Gross!

Steve: Do not worry fair maiden! My team will- (notices Rapper is gone) Rapper? RAPPER?!

(Rapper is peeing on Red, who is knocked out.)

Rapper: I needed to go anyway.



Rapper: And now this lame game is over.

Holly: He's right! This WAS lame! And I had to see some disgusting things as well! YOU LEFT ME HERE FOR 3 WHOLE FUCKING HOURS! I'm going home!

(cuts to the real world, Holly storms outside.)

Steve: H- Holly! Wait!

(she closes the door)

Steve: Aww man.

Lord Tourettes: Never fear! There's always next FUCK!



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