Romantic Roomies
Romantic Roomies
Air date May 2013
Written by YoshiRocker13
Location Hotel
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E3 Madness

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 Steve & Holly's romantic night in their hotel room is ruined when their roomies are Red and Stacy! Will the night be perfect like Steve planned it?

WARNING: This episode contains sexual content


Minor Characters


(camera zooms on a hotel and in a room is Steve & Holly tongue kissing)

Steve: I can't believe you were the girl I was friends with in school!

Holly: I know! It's just crazy right?

Steve: Has this happened to others?

Holly: Who cares?

(They go back to tongue kissing until the door knocks and Red & Stacy barge in)

Steve: THE FUCK!?

Holly: Oh My God!

Red: (drunk) Sup bitches!?

Stacy: What the fuck you twos doin'?

Steve: RED! Seriously!?

Red: Say who's this bitch?

Steve: This is my girlfriend Holly. We used to be friends in school!

Red: Whatevs.

Holly: Why are you two even here?

Stacy: We were your roomies!

Steve: Oh god.

Red: Say how about we go to a bar?

Steve: Well actually we're sort of making out here so please leave.

Red: (ignores) Great! Let's go! (pulls Steve out of bed)

Steve: NO!!

(time lapse, the four are at a bar)

Red: (sees Blue as the bartender) BLUE!? (starts laughing)

Blue: (pissed) What!? I already got fired from Mc Arnolds!

Red: (laughs harder) YOUR JOBS SEEM SO LAME! (cracks up)

Stacy: (laughs) What a weirdo! And I thought your videos were bad!

Blue: (really pissed) SHUT UP!!!

Rapper: (calling from the bar) Yo Blue! Four more beers on the double!

Blue: (bored) Aah fuck. (hands Rapper the beer)

Holly: (troubled look) This is a little bit intense.

Steve: (hugs Holly) Don't worry I'll sort this out.

Red: (while tongue kissing Stacy) Oh yeah don't forget to lick that bit of the tongue!

Stacy: Oh yeah bitch!

Holly: (eyes widen) Seriously!?

Steve: (nervous) Uh Holly?

Holly: Maybe we could do this another time?

Steve: But Holly!

Holly: How about next weekend. (angry) And make sure these two dicks don't come! (leaves)

Steve: (pissed) Thanks a lot Red!

Red: (to Stacy) Love you babe!

(Steve soon punches himself and falls on the ground)

Episode Ends

Blue: (off screen) I hate my life.


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