Rose is a main character of Dick Figures. She is in love with Blue and she will do anything to kill Pink.


Rose was shown as a lonely girl in school and nobody liked her. But one day, she saw Blue. It changed her life from a wimp to a joyful girl in love! But a few years later, Pink came along. So Rose's heart was crushed. Now the only thing she wants to do is... KILL PINK!!!


Rose is still upset about Blue in love with Pink. So Rose has tried to kill Pink with guns, flamethrowers, and even head to head combat! Rose can never kill Pink. Only once, Rose ALMOST killed Pink by smacking her in the face with a wrench. This made Pink bleed to death and Blue had to take her to a hospital. Rose was put into jail so she would stay away from killing Pink. But soon, Rose will escape and get her revenge...

Rose angry

Rose getting Angry. This shows when she gets angry that her eyes turn red

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